The 10 Best Flowers For Mother's Day

by Robert Canning on March 05, 2020
Mother’s day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to think about the perfect present to show your mother that you’re thinking of her. Flowers are one of the most traditional Mother’s Day gifts and are still a popular choice. A surprise flower delivery is a perfect gift that will brighten her day, as well as last as a lovely reminder for weeks afterwards as they are displayed in the house.

Here are our top 10 most popular flowers for Mother’s Day, to help you choose the perfect bouquet for your mum.

Born In Autumn-Bouquet with Vase-Upscale and Posh

1 - Carnations

Carnations are actually the official flower of Mother’s Day. Tradition notes that a mother who’s own mother has sadly passed on should receive a white carnation. While a mother whose mother is still alive should receive a red or pink carnation. Carnations will not only show her that you’re thinking of her but also your Grandmother.


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2 - Daisies

The daisy represents sweetness and innocence, and are the perfect choice if you have a particularly lighthearted and friendly relationship with your mum. Whether you choose simple white or a bright multi-coloured bouquet, she is bound to love the thought behind your choice.

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3 - Roses

Many people think of roses as only being symbolic of romantic love, but that is only true of the red rose. Each colour has a different meaning, but the most popular rose choice for Mother's Day is yellow or orange. These colours are used to express gratitude and joy in having her as your mum.

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4 - Lisianthus

If your mum is a keen gardener, florist, or just a particular admirer of flowers, the delicate and fascinating Lisianthus is a perfect choice. Coming in a variety of single colours, multi-coloured and mixed bouquet, you’re sure to find the elegant flowers for you.

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5 - Lilies

Lilies have a very distinctive and beautiful shape with their long petals and high stamens, plus the colour variety is almost endless. From the simple white to the orange tiger lily, to stunning bouquets of multi-coloured lilies, these flowers will definitely make a long-lasting statement that she is sure to love and appreciate.

6 - Anthurium

If you would rather get your mum a flower that she can keep and look after for years, then choose the beautiful Anthurium. With waxy leaves and petals, anthurium is a potted plant that she can treasure for years.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Double Stem - Real Fresh Plant-Plants-Upscale and Posh

7 - Orchids

If your mum has more exotic tastes, and orchid is the ideal choice for Mother’s Day. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect flower to suit your mum. If you’re after something that is truly unique, purchase a double-stemmed orchid that will stand out in every home.

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8 - Tulips

Tulips have a fresh and light scent and last longer than many other flowers. Plus they are the quaint-essential springtime flower, making them the perfect addition to any Mother’s Day lunch table. For a bouquet that really stands out, choose one that incorporates all the colours of the rainbow.

9 - Hydrangeas

If you want a flower that will represent the love and support your mum has given you over the years, choose the lush a full flower hydrangea. Blue hydrangeas are beautiful but easy to find. So something more unusual search out the hot pink version of the flower.

10 - Gladiolus

Gladiolus magnificent flowers symbolize faithfulness, honour and strength. The long stem of this flower makes them especially eye-catching and memorable and are sure to give your gift the wow factor.



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