Send Online Flowers Dubai For A Mother’s day gift That Never Goes Out Of Style

by Robert Canning on March 17, 2020

Mother's Day

Find out why sending flowers on Mother’s Day is something that will never fall out of favour with the most important woman in your life. 

s Mothers Day approaches, we all start to think about how we might like to show that special lady in our lives how much she means to us.

With the addition of online shopping, creative retail and experiences, and other amazing things we can purchase as gifts, we’re all spoilt for choice. Feeding the meerkats, taking a ride on a vintage train, enjoying a cream tea in a 5* establishment - the list of what you can buy for your Mum is endless.

There’s one thing though, that never ages as a lovely Mother’s Day gift.
Whether you are 2 or 82, sending flowers to Dubai online will always put a smile on your Mums face on her special day.

Think about it, how old were you when you gave your Mum flowers with a homemade (somewhat inedible) special breakfast in bed? Did you pick some daisies out of the garden? Did Dad help you find the perfect bunch of blooms in the local market, and you were so very excited to see her face when you finally handed them over?
There really isn’t anything quite the same as giving your Mum flower delivery Dubai on a day dedicated to her and everything she has given you.

Still wondering whether to get your Mum some flowers this March? You might know it would make her smile, but maybe you don’t realise exactly how much meaning there is behind this simple gesture.

Read on to find out a little more information about why the simple act of giving flowers means so very much to your Mum, and Mums across the world:

The History Of Giving Flowers

Various ancient cultures placed a lot of value on flowers.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks adored flowers, and you can see them in a wide range of Greek myths such as the take of Hyakinthos, which you can learn more about here.

The ancient Greeks also used flowers in traditional gifts. They would associate different flowers with different gods and would take floral displays to the temple as gifts to them.

This tradition then evolved to providing beautiful women with flowers who were considered earthly beauty, or, earthly representations of goddesses. This tradition continued to develop as a sentiment applied to loved ones in general.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians also had a lot of flowers appearing in their mythology and in various traditions and ceremonies.
When a pharaoh went to war, his transportation would be covered in flowers.
Egyptians would also then shower loved ones and gods in flowers to show their feelings. In particular, lovers received flowers as a sign they were adored by their admirers.

The lotus, in particular, is significant to the Egyptians because of how it smells, opens and closes. It represented rebirth and regenerating, so it formed an essential symbol of those who are going over to the afterlife. Egyptians would create images of those going over to the afterlife taking in the scent of a lotus as a sign they would regenerate in this new stage of their being. You can watch an incredible video of the lotus blooming in this fantastic YouTube video.

Victorian Times

Victorian Times

Flowers were incredibly important during the Victorian era. This period of society was so uptight, and emotions weren’t really expressed openly.
Flowers, though, bridged that gap and enabled people to express their feelings in another way, many other ways in fact.

Because the flowers were so meaningful, different flowers grew to represent different things. They were even used to communicate secret messages. Apparently holding flowers at heart level after gifting meant well done, whereas holding them downwards meant, no thanks.

These meanings became so elaborate that there were books and guides written to explain which flowers and even combinations of flowers represented different emotions and feelings. You can read more about the Victorian Flower Language here.

Flowers have been so important throughout history. They may have started as gifts for the gods, or for lovers, but quickly found their place as expressions for all kinds of emotions. Our ancient ancestors really did pave the way for us to show our Mums how we feel with some beautiful blooms from the local flower shop.


Floriography is the language of flowers which means that each type and colour of flower has its own special meaning. Here are some flower meanings:

Red Roses

Red Roses

Everlasting passion is the primary meaning of the red rose. Although we assume they represent love, they are more closely associated with lovers and lust.


A lasting commitment and connection between two people is the fundamental meaning of these stunning and colourful blooms.

Yellow Roses

Friendship, joy and happiness are an unsurprising meaning of these happy, beautiful blooms. They also represent friendship.


Delicate freesias represent innocence and thoughtfulness and often appear in new baby bouquets.


Carnations are often considered to be the flower of funerals, but they have a lot of association with love. Light red carnations mean admiration where a more vibrant red is a deeper love. White is the purest, newest love and pink is saved for a mother’s ever-present love.

Red Tulips

Red Tulips

A red tulip flower represents true love, perfect love, the love that cannot be unbroken.


Stocks are all about happiness, affection and long-lasting love. They are often used in friendship bouquets for the most special friend in your life.


Amaryllis is gifted when you want somebody to know you love the very bones of them beyond their looks.

Lady’s Mantle

Alchemilla is a flower to give when you want to show that you care about somebody, to show you will be there to comfort them when they need it.

Sweet William

Sweet William is one of the few blooms that represent being masculine, so often appear in bouquets where a man is trying to woo a lady.


Orchids are given to reflect the rare and precious beauty they are gifted to. They are another common flower to be given when a man is wooing a woman.


Delicate camellias are given when you adore somebody and long for them. This can be translated into both romantic love, and love of a friend or family member.

Pink Roses

Pink roses show that you appreciate a person and you are so grateful they are in your life.


Hydrangeas let the recipient know you are so thankful they understand you, and you genuinely mean the sentiment.

White Lilies

White Lilies

These tend to be a flower of remembrance or sympathy, although they can represent innocence and purity. This means they can appear at funerals, christenings and weddings.

White Tulips

These are a flower of forgiveness and also apologies, letting the person you give them to know that you are sorry.


The epitome of joy and happiness, these big and bold flowers are a fantastic flower for celebration.


Daffodils are a traditional gift for Mothers Day so you may be surprised to know that the reasons for that tend to be more because of the season. The daffodil season is spring, but the meaning of the flower is around rebirth, new beginnings and good fortune and no actual relation to Mothers Day at all.


Gorgeous scented hyacinths that are pink are all about freshness, youth and playfulness.

Yellow Tulips

It is sad that yellow tulips represented unrequited love or ending relationships a long time ago. But now, they follow sunflowers in their representation of happiness, sunshine and joy.


The gerbera is a flower that appears in many bouquets and tends to represent happiness, innocence and love that is eternal.



The iris is a wisdom flower, showing the recipient the deepest levels of respect for their wiseness.


The peony is a big, soft, stunning flower with many meanings. In some situations, it represents shamefulness, but in the setting of love, it represents a long and successful marriage.

Pink Lily

Pink Lilies are commonly gifted to those we respect and admire because they represent honour and aspiration.

And Now, How To Pick The Perfect Blooms For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift

Hopefully, the above information has inspired you to give your Mum a bunch of flowers on the big day or to send flowers to Dubai online.
Flowers represent admiration, love, happiness, joy and respect. You really can show precisely how you feel with the right selection of beautiful blooms from your florist Dubai.
If you’re unsure exactly which flowers should go in your Mother’s Day bouquet, here are our top tips:

Pink For Mummies Who Are Young At Heart

Pink flowers like tulips, Astrantia, carnations and roses are ideal for Mother’s Day, especially when your Mum is youthful from the soul outwards.

Purple Flowers For Mummies Who Love All Things Vintage

Purple bouquets are classy, and they work well for Mums who love a vintage vibe. For the Mum who loves an authentic and gentle arrangement, purple is the perfect tone.

Red For Strong Mums

Red is associated with passion, but for Mothers Day, it can represent intense energy and positivity. It is a strong and bold bunch that is an excellent idea for Mums who have had a rough time, and they need a significant, bold signal you’re there.

Greenery For Poorly Mums

Foliage, greenery and green flowers are a great idea for a Mum who needs an uplift. They represent restoration, good energy and peacefulness. Has your Mum had a hard time recently? Has she been unwell? A green bouquet could be the perfect antidote and pick-me-up.

White Flowers For A Fresh Start

Maybe you have recently reconciled with your Mum. Perhaps your Mum has remarried recently, or you’re gifting flowers to your wife on Mother’s Day after you have become parents. In these instances, white is the perfect bouquet shade.

Orange For Mums Who Needs Reassurance

If your Mum has gone through a divorce recently, has been struggling with self-esteem issues or she is otherwise fragile, an orange bunch could be just the ticket. Orange represents warmth, security and wellbeing.

Yellow For Cheerful Mums, Or For Mums Who Need Cheering Up

Yellow is eternally optimistic, joyful and happy. Yellow bunches make sense for the happiest of mums or for mums who need cheering up. Daffodils, sunflowers, yellow tulips and yellow roses make a gorgeous bunch that any mum will love.

Still Stuck?

If you’re still stuck for ideas, remember you can always seek inspiration from your local florist, or from flower UAE sites, who know precisely how to mix and match flowers to WOW the recipient.

“If you’re a Mum, you’re a superhero - Period.” - Rosie Pope

64% of Mothers Day gifts that are given are flowers, and that is because all Mummies love flowers on their special day. Whichever blooms you choose to send for flower delivery Dubai, and whichever bouquet you decide to give, we’re sure your Mum will adore it because it comes from you.


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