It’s Not Too Late To Send Flowers For Eid

by Robert Canning on August 25, 2020

Beautiful flowers

Source - Unsplash - Ali Kazal

Eid is over, but it isn’t too late to send flowers to Dubai online to show you care. 

Eid Al Adha has just finished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still send flowers Dubai, to loved ones, to show they’re in your thoughts. At a time when the world is in such a strange position, it’s fantastic for us all to go the extra mile to show those we know, who don’t leave nearby, that we care about them.

At the moment, there are many restrictions on usual Eid celebrations, and you can read some extra guidance on safe practises here.

In some parts of the world, areas have restrictions imposed where they cannot gather together and have fun as usual. Some families may be separated or sadly affected by loss or illness caused by the pandemic.

There may well be physical and emotional distance and turmoil occurring in many households, so it’s a perfect time to send a gift that shows you are thinking of those you love. Flowers are a great choice because they are colourful, they are suitable for any age or taste, and they are usually enjoyed by everyone who sees them.

If you’d like to use flower delivery Dubai to show your loved ones they have been in your thoughts during Eid Al Adha, here are 15 beautiful bouquets to consider:

1. Luxury Red Roses

Luxury Red Roses

    Upscale & Posh Luxury Red Roses from our flower shop Dubai

    Red roses are always a beautiful gift signifying love to friends, family and partners. Our luxury bunch of red roses features large, plump blooms with a minimal, natural packaging that lets the flowers do all the talking.

    2. Luxury White Roses

    Luxury White Roses

    Upscale & Posh Luxury White Roses

    Sometimes, white roses feel more appropriate as family gifts when red roses can feel more on the romantic side. They work so well as a luxurious present for loved ones. Our luxury white roses bunch is a beautiful Eid gift available for flower delivery and features large, perfect white blooms with rich green foliage and natural packaging.

    3. Blue Orchids

    Blue Orchids

    Upscale & Posh Designers Collection 10 - Orchids

    If you want to send something a little bit different for Eid, then it is worth considering some incredible rare blue orchids. They make a real visual impact and come in a standard, premium or deluxe size bouquet and a free simple glass vase. This is the ideal gift for a family member or friend who will appreciate something different.

    4. Luxury Mixed Roses

    Luxury Mixed Roses

      Upscale & Posh Luxury Mixed Roses

      What could be more perfect at a time when things feel a little grey, other than a huge rainbow bouquet of roses. It features chunky red and yellow blooms, surrounded by more unusual blush pinks and purples, all in simple wrapping. We can even deliver them the same day from our flower shop if you want to brighten up your loved ones day right away.

      5. Tulips


        Upscale & Posh Tulips Bouquet With Vase 

        A gorgeous ten tulip flower bouquet is the perfect symbol of hope and joy, allowing us all to think about new beginnings in Spring. Choose this bouquet for Eid, if your loved ones have a more minimalist home. It even comes with a free vase, so all they need is water to display this meaningful arrival from you.

        6. Natural Lilies 


          Upscale & Posh Designers Collection 9 - Natural Lily Classy Bouquet

          Would you like to make a statement with your Eid gift? If you would, then a large lily bouquet could be the right choice. Lilies are loved by everyone who receives them. They are vast, beautiful and classy, suiting any modern home aesthetic. Upscale & Posh lily bouquet can be sent with online flower delivery and even comes with a free vase.

          7. Roses & Alstroemerias

          Roses and Alstroemerias

          Upscale & Posh Designers Collection 5

          A feminine, gentle aesthetic is sometimes the best bouquet for a loved one who appreciates a layered look in their flower display. Gorgeous light pink roses are dotted within a darker, deeper pink in the alstroemerias, which also add a touch of wildflower and cottage chic, to an otherwise opulent bunch.

          8. Spray Roses, Roses, Lisianthus & Eucalyptus

            Spray Roses, Roses, Lisianthus and Eucalyptus

            Upscale & Posh Pure Passion

            A full and layered bouquet, the spray roses and lisianthus spread out showing delicate pinks and whites, highlighted by silvery eucalyptus foliage. More abundant rose blooms are dotted throughout for added height and interest. The bunch is broader and lower, sitting in a free vase that is sent with the flowers available on same-day delivery. It’s an ideal gift for your loved ones for Eid, especially if they like a fuller display.

            9. Hydrangea & Thistle

            Hydrangea and Thistle

            Upscale and Posh Designer's Collection #6 hydrangea and Scottish thistle bouquet

              Sometimes a more classic bouquet is better suited to the recipient, than a modern bunch of flowers. We believe our modern classic bouquet combines both a modern and timeless aesthetic perfectly, combining double coloured hydrangea, cappuccino roses, Scottish thistle and eucalyptus leaves for a winning combination and ideal Eid gift.

              10. Pink Lilies

                Pink Lilies

                Upscale & Posh Fragrant Beauty Bouquet

                According to scientific studies, the scent has a direct link to the limbic system, the part of the brain associated with emotion and memory. Why not evoke happy memories and feelings in your loved one, with this beautiful scented pink lily bouquet available from our flower shop in Sharjah? The perfect Eid gift to make a lasting impression, this stargazer lily collection is an attractive option for sending flowers to Dubai.

                11. Orange & Yellow Bouquet

                  Orange and Yellow Bouquet

                  Upscale & Posh Mango Bouquet

                  We could all do with a little more sunshine and brightness in a world that feels far from happy at the moment. Gifting this stunning bright orange and yellow bunch to your family and friends is going to brighten their day, and their home for at least a week because our flowers are freshly cut. Expect huge happy gerberas, orange chrysanthemums, red alstroemerias and plenty of textured filler foliage and spray to create the perfect ray of sunshine for your family member.

                  12. Exotic Floral Box Display

                    Arabian Jewel

                    Upscale & Posh Arabian Jewel

                    Would you like to send something lasting and exotic to your loved one in the UAE? For customers who want to provide both a temporary and permanent gift to their loved ones for Eid, we have designed this gorgeous Arabian Jewel display.

                    It features fresh and beautiful roses, Mums flower, hypericum, gypsophila and cymbidium orchid to create a genuinely impactful floral display for the most opulent homes. Even better, the product comes with a display box that your loved one can then keep and treasure forever.

                    13. Orchid & Foliage Box Display

                      Orchid and Foliage Box Display

                      Upscale & Posh Forest Of Love 

                      Red orchids, roses, mums flower and eucalyptus are displayed with height in this stunning box display from our florist Dubai. The box vase comes free with the bouquet, which as a complete package would make the perfect dinner table centrepiece for any continued Eid celebrations or gatherings.

                      14. Succulents & Hydrangea

                        Lush Bouquet

                        Upscale & Posh Lush Bouquet

                        Succulents have been incredibly popular in home decor this season, and continue to rise in popularity. If your loved one is incredibly modern and loves their plants, this Lush Bouquet could be a great choice of Eid gift for them. It features chunky leaved echeveria, misty blue spray, Limonium and hydrangea for the perfect modern bouquet.

                        15. Dusky Mix & Succulents

                          Perfect Mix Bouquet

                          Upscale & Posh Perfect Mix Bouquet 

                          For a more subdued modern bouquet, why not consider the perfect mix, featuring succulents, five different varieties of pink flower, and silvery eucalyptus. It’s a very fresh look which suits friends, family and partners depending on where your Eid flowers Dubai are going.

                          Alternative Eid Gift Ideas

                          If a bouquet doesn’t quite suit the kind of gift you want to send a loved one for Eid or you want to send something extra as well as flowers, here are some alternative ideas to consider:

                          A Money Box

                          A Money Box

                          Source - Unsplash - Annie Spratt

                          Money is commonly given as a gift during Eid. Why not send your monetary gift with a money box as a great symbol of future wealth and great financial habits?

                          Arabic Engraved China

                          Arabic Engraved China

                          Source - Unsplash - Louis Hansel

                          If your loved ones appreciate the more beautiful things, consider sending them some Arabic engraved china to enjoy using during future gatherings. Gold on porcelain is always fashionable in the UAE and goes with most modern aesthetics.



                          Source - Unsplash - Jessica Johnston

                          High-quality chocolates are a great idea when you don’t know what to send to loved ones because who doesn’t like chocolate? Send a box big enough for the whole family to share, ideally with a selection of flavours, so there’s sure to be something for everyone in there. If you want to combine flowers and chocolates as an Eid gift, Upscale & Posh sell a beautiful chocolate and floral decoration tray, ideal for a celebration dessert and table centrepiece.



                          Source - Unsplash - Timothy Dykes

                          Eid is as much for children as it is adults celebrating, so why not send some toys along with your online flower delivery for the adults in the house? Games or books are a great choice, or something bigger like a scooter or bike could be a great choice if you want to show you care.

                          It’s Not Too Late To Send Your Eid Flowers

                          At Upscale & Posh, we want you to know it isn’t too late to send your Eid flowers UAE. The holiday might be over, but we still offer same-day delivery on many of our products. We are also more than happy to create a bouquet designed according to your needs, so don’t hesitate to look up flower shop near me and get in touch for bespoke Eid flower orders. We’re here to help you send love and best wishes to those you love for Eid and all year round.

                          Eid Mubarak from all of us at Upscale & Posh!

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