During Uncertain Times, Show Your Love In Any Way You Can

by Robert Canning on April 01, 2020

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During uncertain times, the thoughtful touches mean so much. Read tips on different ways to show your love.

As it stands, the world has been turned upside down by a virus that has quickly transformed the world in numerous, unprecedented ways.

One thing that stands strong, throughout each country's struggle, is love. Love never dies. Love never ever goes away.

Just take a look at this story of people across the UK applauding the NHS in a show of thanks for all they are doing to combat the virus. Spain, Italy and Israel all did the same for healthcare workers in their country.

How about the children in Nebraska who made get well soon cards for people in isolation? These acts of kindness and love are what keeps the warmth in society, during a very difficult time.

As well as showing kindness to strangers, we all, of course, want those we love to know exactly how we feel about them. As hopeful as we all want to be about the future, the fact is that nobody is safe. Showing your feelings now, while you can, has never been more important.

But how do you show love to people you can’t visit in person? How do you show them just how much they mean to you?

We can help. Here are some great ideas to help you show love to your family and friends during these difficult times:

Make A Care Package

Nothing says that you love somebody like a hamper, or to be specific to this situation, a care package. What that means to you, depends on your family and their situation.

If you have a family member who is unwell, or who could get unwell, then you could send a package with items like: 

  • Tissues
  • Soap
  • Cough sweets
  • Vitamins
  • A get well soon card

It’s the little details that count in packages like this. The way you wrap and label items, the small details you include. The least expensive packages can be the most valuable in terms of a meeting if you put the effort in. 

Send A Birthday Cake

Spending birthdays away from loved ones is tough. They’re the people we are used to celebrating with each and every year. A birthday without them can seem daunting.

Don’t let your loved one go through a birthday feeling alone this year. If you can’t get to them for any reason, why not show them your love with a birthday cake, Dubai delivery.

Birthday cake Dubai delivery means that your friend or family member will feel their special day is celebrated, even if you can’t be there in person. You could even have them light candles and blow them out on a video call with you.

Birthday Cakes Dubai

Example Of Upscale & Posh Birthday Cakes Dubai

Who wouldn’t feel special receiving a gorgeous birthday cake on their big day? 

Send Flowers

Sending flowers is one of the most traditional ways to express how you feel, in any country, in any language.

Surprise Bouquet Flowers Dubai


Why not utilise services like online flowers Dubai send one of our Surprise Bouquets to the one you love? Ordering flowers online Dubai will ensure your loved one receives a custom-made and entirely unique bouquet.

Bursting with gorgeous and fragrant blooms like vibrant tulips, scented roses, huge lilies, the bunch is sure to show your family member or friend that you’re thinking of them.

Alternatively, send flowers to Dubai online that you know they love the most, fresh to their door. Sending flowers UAE or by looking up ‘flower shop near me’ on Google, is the perfect way to send your love into the home of your loved one, when you might not be able to visit in person.

Send Photos

Send Photos to Loved Ones


When we can’t see loved ones we can instantly feel we are missing out. This is particularly true with children. Grandparents, for example, can feel they are missing out on the many milestones children seem to reach so quickly. In a short space of time, they may feel a sense of loss and loneliness because they aren’t seeing you and your children in person.

Sending photos that are framed or, specially presented, through the post is a really nice way to keep your family in the loop. It’s so personal, and a really lovely way for loved ones to be reminded of you in their home when you perhaps can’t be there in person.

Make A Video

Make A Video


You could just send a text, but what about allowing your facial expressions to say more? Making a video helps your loved ones see you making jokes and expressing yourself as you would in person.

You could just send a video of you talking about how you are, like a conversation. Even better, you could create a funny plot and make a proper amateur video. If you’re staying at home because of the virus it’s the perfect way to entertain yourself too. Haven’t you ever seen a Youtube video and wished you could create your own?

Check out this easy ‘How To Make A Youtube video’ tutorial on Youtube as a great starting point. It doesn’t have to be professional, but why not get creative for the sake of cheering up your friends and family? If it's really bad, you can delete it and nobody ever has to know! 

Record A Voice Message

Record a Voice message


Recording a voice message instead of sending a text is a way to add personality to what you are trying to say. Your intonation, your expression - they all make such a difference to what you’re trying to say. Take a read of this interesting article about voice tone, inflection and volume to learn more.

Once you’re done, don’t just text ‘I love you’, say it in a voice note, and send it.

Send A Letter

Send a letter

What about the old fashioned art of sending a letter? It all started with pigeons many moons ago, but now, you’ve no need to send your letter via a well-trained bird.

Instead, you put pen to paper and send it in the mail, and it can be received the very next day. 

It’s more special than a text or email because you have to go out of your way to use a pen and put your thoughts down. You can include doodles, stick-men art and even magazine cut and stick mood boards if that’s what takes your fancy. The fact is that you took the time to write it and send it. It’s a meaningful gift of your time, that you’re sending. 

Are you a bit rusty at sending letters? Check out this handy article on everything you need to know about writing a letter for some handy guidance.

Setup A Monthly Flower Delivery Service To Cheer Them Up

Monthly Flower Subscription Delivery Dubai

An Example Of An Upscale & Posh Subscription Bouquet Available To Send Through Flower Delivery Dubai

As life changes for many of us across the globe, staying at home becomes more of a normality. If not now for your country, possibly soon, especially if you are at risk with your health and need to stay away from others for some time.

It’s so easy to get bored at home, most people would love a little monthly surprise to look forward to. Subscriptions are the perfect idea for a way to show loved ones you can't reach, that you care about them. Here are some examples of subscription box types you could send your friends or family:

  • Plants
  • Artisan coffee
  • Cured meats and cheeses
  • Fresh vegetable and fruit boxes
  • Magazines
  • Grooming products
  • Stationary
  • Pet care products
  • Online content subscription

Alternatively, you could stick to a traditional form of sending love and pay for a flower delivery Dubai subscription for them. Upscale & Posh has a standard or luxe online flowers Dubai subscriptions depending on what you want to send.

With both types, a fresh and gorgeous bouquet is guaranteed to reach the doorstep of your loved one every month.

Monthly Flower Delivery Subscription Dubai

An Example Bouquet Of Upscale & Posh Luxe Subscription Bouquet Available Through Flower Delivery Dubai

Regardless of the subscription you choose, by opting to show your love in this way, you’re ensuring your loved one gets monthly reminders of how much you care about them.

Don’t Forget Those You Live With…

Dont Forget Your Loved Ones

At a time like this, we might be looking outwards at the news, at society and others in need of our attention. We can forget those closest to us. Those we live with.

It’s amazing to reach outwards during a difficult time, but don’t forget to show your love to those you live with. Instead of big gestures, you can show love in much more daily, subtle ways such as:

  • Making them a drink in the morning
  • Giving them space when they need it
  • Doing chores without being asked
  • Giving them a compliment for no special reason
  • Cooking them a special dinner every now and again

The smallest of gestures make a huge difference when you’re showing the person you live with that you love and care for them.

Don’t Forget About Yourself Either!

Dont Forget About Yourself

At the heart of all the love you put out there, is you. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t care for anybody else properly. And right now, we have to all be there for each other.

Give yourself a break from the news, and social media. Take regular rests from anything you are doing that causes you stress. Exercise and eat well.

Loving yourself first enables you to give love to others freely, don’t forget that.

“Kindness in words creates confidence, Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” - Lao Tzu

There are lots of scary things going on right now, but love will always remain and is the strength we all need to get through it.

With our suggestions above and creative ideas of your own, you can send love to those you love, even if you can’t reach them in person. 

Would you like to say it with flowers? If your local flower shop is closed, and you’re looking for flower delivery Dubai, check out our website.

Browse our huge range of Upscale & Posh bouquets and choose a flower delivery. Why not show your love with fresh, expertly mixed blooms during this challenging time?


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