The Best Congratulations Flowers for Every Special Occasion

by Robert Canning on June 10, 2022

Many milestones in our lives are worth celebrating! The birth of a newborn baby, your husband got a promotion at work, your sister just bought her new house, your best friend got accepted into the University of her dreams, and many more! We tend to send them gifts to best express our congratulations to them in these wonderful moments.

Of all endearing gestures and gifts, it is always a good idea to send them flowers to encourage them to work harder and achieve even bigger life goals. However, choosing the correct flowers is necessary as certain flowers are suitable for occasions.

What Are the Best Flowers to Send for Congratulations?

Bright, cheery, colourful flowers for congratulations will help you make the right impression. 

For Mother's Day, carnations are a perfect match. This idea can be traced back in history when Anna Jarvis' mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died in the early 1900s. Anna had hundreds of white carnation blooms to a church in her hometown in West Virginia on May 10, 1908. It was known to be the very first Mother's Day celebration; hence, carnations became the official mother's day flower. 

Nothing beats finding a daisy blooming by itself. It’s a classic favourite among bloom lovers because it can easily brighten any garden or space. They are easy to plant, grow, and decorate, perfect to have around the home or as a gift to somebody special.

Daffodils are also beautiful flowers that symbolise hope, rebirth, and new beginnings. From graduations and starting a new job to weddings and engagements, daffodils always make the perfect gift. They brighten up any room with their cheerful yellow blooms and are sure to bring a smile.

What Colour Represents Congratulations?

Orange flowers are a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion. Bright, fun, and cheerful, orange flowers are great for anniversaries, birthdays, and other happy events. You can include a lovely arrangement of orange flowers in your home or office to remind your gratitude or congratulations. 

Orange also represents joy, youth, happiness, and sunshine! This means that orange flowers can be used to express any congratulatory feeling you might want to share with someone you care about.

Yellow is also a colour of happiness. Furthermore, a yellow orchid has different meanings. Depending on the occasion, it can mean friendship, admiration, a greeting, or simply being thoughtful. If you need some uplifting or you need to shower people with bright and positive vibes, send them an orchid flower arrangement or put it into a luxury flower box that will add to its beauty. 

When Should I Send Congratulations Flowers?

In addition to looking for the best flowers to send, it’s also best to consider the timing of your gift. For example, for a new baby, you might want to wait a few weeks for the new parents to get settled and send a bouquet when they might appreciate some encouragement. 


When it comes to celebrating special occasions and sending warm wishes, you can't go wrong with a gift of flowers. Be it a graduation, new baby, new home or job, engagement, or another cause for celebration, our range of congratulations flowers conveys how delighted you are for that special someone.

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