Give the Perfect Congratulations with These Flowers

by Harry Strick on May 06, 2022

Anyone can reach their life goals and dreams by working hard and persevering, which are crucial strengths to imbibe. There are many milestone moments in life; buying a first home, securing that big deal with an important client, commemorating the birth of a child, or winning a prestigious award. In these moments, when your loved ones achieve something big, you can express your happiness by sending them flowers.

Flowers never fail to leave an impression on the minds and hearts of people. Different floral arrangements will communicate other emotions; thoughtfulness, fun and joy. Here are the right ones to convey the best congratulatory remark to your loved one:


Carnations represent love, pride, admiration, love of a mother, and innocence. Complementing these emotions makes carnations a great option to say "congratulations" on multiple occasions—whether it's an engagement, marriage, or a new baby birth! Send carnations to your loved ones on those milestone moments. In case you're wondering, pink and yellow are the perfect colours.


Daffodils are a symbol of renewal and new beginnings. This is why they are often given to people when they are experiencing significant changes in their lives, like when they will have a baby or get a new job or move to a new house. A single daffodil can signify bad luck, so it is better to give them in bunches or bouquets or as an ornamental arrangement.


Daisies are friendship flowers, so it makes perfect sense to present them to a friend who has done something important. Whether winning a sports event or graduating from college, a bouquet of daisies offers congratulations. Gerberas expressly represent cheerfulness, and they are the ideal flower to present to a new mother.


Roses are not only a romantic symbol but also good luck charms and cheering bouquets. A bouquet of yellow roses would be an excellent gift for someone who has landed their dream job. Send an exuberant bunch of yellow roses to your friends, siblings, or close family members to bring them joy. 

Traditionally, 25 yellow roses mean good luck and purity in love. White roses are also an excellent gift for newly engaged and newlywed couples to express their happiness.


White lilies are your best option when you want to congratulate a friend or child on going off to college. Orange lilies can be used for other congratulations, such as housewarming celebrations.


There is always the option to give them something more memorable for people who don’t want to hand out the usual carnations or roses. Orchids are always a good choice, as they come in a wide variety of colours and show off your creativity. The yellow type symbolises friendship, while the orange ones stand for joy. Purple signifies dignity and respect, while white flowers are traditional “get well soon”.


A bouquet of mixed coloured tulips conveys your happiness towards your friends on their success. They would also look beautiful in a vase in the middle of a table at their next formal event.


Now, you know it is always a good idea to choose flowers for your friends who have had something great happen in their lives, like getting a new job or getting married. Why the variety, even if all these flowers say the same thing? It’s so you find the proper arrangements that fit your budget. That’s the most critical consideration of all.

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