Teatro Fragrances


Inspired by the Florentine architecture, the Renaissance, artistic actions, and driven by the need to express their love of the art of perfumery, three women decided to create room scents brand entirely “Made in Italy.”
The name “Teatro Fragranze Uniche” resonates the symbolic meaning of a theater – the unique atmosphere one experiences while entering a theatre. The spectacular effect
(effetto scenico), the scene itself and the actors, the strong and inspiring characters we meet on the stage and in real life.

Teatro Frangrances


Teatro Fragranze Uniche gives birth to the unique memories, moments and feelings one senses while traveling, encountering with arts and experiencing something new while feeling both – a nostalgia towards the past and excitement towards the future. A kaleidoscope of olfactive emotions and valuable experiences that give way to the new sensorial moments and are expressed in the form of finest essences poured into exquisite fragrance bottles.
Teatro Fragranze Uniche has developed an exclusive collection of high-quality fragrant products in collaboration with selected perfumers, designers, and the very best Florentine artisans who are all guided by their deepest instincts, knowledge and vast expertise in the field. Brand’s in-house laboratory is a center of constant research and innovation where the feedback of the clients is considered continuously while keeping an eye on the latest fashions and trends. With its innovative vision and motivated team, Teatro Fragranze Uniche brings a new wave of creative energy to the field of home fragrances. The multiple aspects of this project are expressed in the refined sensibility of creating exclusive fragrances entirely handmade in Italy. A world rounded and made by Teatro Fragranze Uniche, where the circle motive of product design, packaging, and presentation reflects the wholeness and inclusion. The circle symbol meaning is universal, sacred and divine, and is a small hint to the perfect rounded shape of an ancient amphitheater.
Teatro Fragrances
Teatro Fragranze Uniche encourages to step on the stage of life with all senses involved and to create your own scenic environment, be it a home, a workspace, a hotel or a special event.