Why You Should Preserve Flowers this Fall

by Robert Canning on December 10, 2021

Fall paints the world in strikingly vibrant colours, so why not bring in nature’s beauty indoors by preserving your favourite flowers? Preserved flowers make for stunning decorations that can refresh your home, allowing you to breathe more life into your flowers and fill your space with gorgeous floral arrangements.  But instead of letting your flower vases wilt, preserved flowers give you more room to enjoy Mother Nature's gift as you prepare your abode for the turn of a new leaf this coming fall! 

With the magic of preserved flowers, you can decorate your home in a whole new way. Each flower offers a unique aesthetic that can transform your space, and with preserved flowers, you can bring in a whole season's worth of new life without ever having to re-buy your floral arrangements. If you're curious how preserved flowers can elevate your home, the list below explores why it's worth decorating your space with these long-lasting, natural beauties!

Benefit #1: Plant Life Preservation

Before you preserve your flowers, it’s important to understand just how they’re preserved. Through the floral preservation process, your flowers are free of toxins, giving them a more natural look. By contrast, fresh flowers may be treated with pesticides and other chemicals to leave a residual film on preserved flowers. As a result, preserved flowers are the perfect option for people with allergies and other skin sensitivities, making it possible to enjoy bouquets of flora without any negative effects on your health. 

Benefit #2:  Incorporating Seasonal Flora as Decorative Arrangements 

Preserved flowers offer long-lasting and long-lasting new decor for your home. If you love fresh flowers but don't want to worry about them wilting, preserved flowers are the perfect option. Whether you choose preserved bachelor buttons, preserved peonies, preserved roses, preserved tulips, or any other preserved flower of your choice, you can enjoy the simple elegance of a preserved flower arrangement for as long as you'd like, since they require no watering, sunlight, or other care to flourish.

Benefit #3: Make Your Home Look Unique 

Your preserved flowers can provide striking, memorable decor that can elevate your home. Whether you'd like to preserve a stunning bachelor button bouquet, a pollen-rich rose, or any other preserved flower of your choice, you can bring a unique aesthetic to your home with preserved flowers. Their vibrant colours will amaze your home for weeks at a time, and with each flower that you add to your collection, it will be like bringing in a new season's worth of flowers in your home.

Benefit #4: Spritz the Smell of Nature in Your Home

Preserved flowers will smell wonderful. Even if you don't see the flowers themselves, the scent they emit will fill your home with the beauty of nature and will make it feel like you've truly been transported to paradise. With preserved flowers, you can spritz any space with the beautiful smell of nature, and it's easy to incorporate these natural scents into your home with the help of the nature-inspired designs that many preserved flowers offer. 

The Bottom Line: The Wonders of Decorating Your Space with Preserved Flowers

Preserving flowers allows you to enjoy the beauty of flowers long after the season has passed. Because of their strong scents and striking looks, preserved flowers can truly transform your home and bring a new level of beauty to your space. If you're curious about how preserved flowers can elevate your home, now is the perfect time to bring these floral arrangements into your home.

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