3 Reasons Why People Give Flowers to Honor the Departed

by Robert Canning on July 07, 2022

One of life's most challenging mysteries is, without a doubt, how to deal with loss. Losing someone is painful, and losing someone important to us emotionally drains us. 

Most people will look for a suitable memorial for the departed person when this happens. Those are frequently flowers.

If there is already a day designated for doing so, why do you need a flower to honour someone?

There are several reasonable and legitimate reasons why we choose to utilise flowers for the departed. You can also learn in this blog post where to find flower arrangements delivery in Dubai. 

Recognizing the Effects of Respect

One of the main reasons is to help uplift individuals who have lost someone, so we give flowers to the departed. It shows adoration and respect for the deceased. Flowers and plants are regularly used to honour the memory of a deceased person. It can lend beauty to the typically adequately dismal atmosphere while adding a splash of colour.

We give flowers to the departed as a sign of our love and remembrance for them after they have passed away. Additionally, it serves as a source of strength and unity for the immediate family of the departed, letting them know that others are thinking about them.

The vivid colour and exquisite beauty of flowers can appear at odds with the anguish and desolation of dying. But this is the wrong viewpoint; the right one is to consider this as a way to respect what has already happened. You are adding a little colour to that person's death in the same way that they helped bring colour and brightness into your world.

This floral custom is something we do to remember and show our love for those who have passed away. It is best to order flowers from flower delivery in Dubai to honour your loved ones who have passed away and uphold the custom.

A Show of Strength

Giving flowers to the departed is also justified as a sign of bravery for people experiencing the most intense grief. The beauty and brilliance of the flower can add a small amount of optimism to a setting where many people will be feeling a noticeable loss of hope because there is typically enough sadness to go around during a funeral.

This can help a person's loss healing process, even very little. Maintaining a compassionate tone while ensuring that those closest to the deceased know that they were cared for and will be remembered appropriately is also beneficial.

Some individuals might not agree that it's totally "right," but they don't matter. It's important that everyone who wants to engage may do so without difficulty. To help people find the strength they need to go on and accept what happened, it is respectable to add a little positivity to a room full of negativity and show strength, solidarity, and togetherness.

Life Continuity

The main argument for why people often give flowers to the departed is that they are forever. Even though they perish the same way as us, flowers represent a person's eternal existence, even if it is only in their heart and soul. 

More than anything else, it's a symbolic deed that will provide you with all the encouragement you need to produce a fearless act of bravery and a lasting symbolic declaration.

Instead, attempt to emphasise the eternal significance of life. Trying to make people feel better at a funeral might be useless. This shows how the extraordinary beauty and artistry of flowers and floral arrangements may help us continue to live even after we all inevitably burn to ashes.

They help us express how much we care for the person, which might continue as symbolic for the deceased. Through these celebrations, we can guarantee that no one must be forgotten.

Even though accepting death's pain and loss is incredibly tough, it is not insurmountable. It's something that, with time, we could begin to understand and value. If you are willing to make an effort to do this, you can draw strength from your solidarity with other people who have experienced loss.


The secret to living is to value our time here on earth. In death, we make sure that people can repeatedly begin to feel more at ease with who they are by using flowers and the glory of nature and life.

Flowers can be used to help show regard, respect, and the belief that each of us is capable of loving, even though nothing can bring the deceased back to us. To get the best flowers for the departed, look for reputable florists in Dubai. 

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