Why Anniversaries Hold The Same Importance as Your Wedding

by Robert Canning on July 02, 2021

Weddings are incredibly important, and people always hold them in high regard. Leading up to the big day, there are many events: bachelor/bachelorette parties, cake tastings, dress fittings, engagement parties, showers and more. On the day itself, all the stops are pulled, and there's full-on pomp and circumstance. It's a full-on celebration of two people that are starting a new life together.

Post-Wedding: Anniversaries

In truth, the wedding is simply the starting point of marriage. After the big day, the fuss will likely fade away. A couple needs to set and maintain certain traditions when celebrating their anniversary afterwards. That can involve special dinners, getaways or vacations, particular gifts or even flowers bought online. The core idea is to make sure that the day is marked as special and above the rest somehow. Anniversary celebrations are an important part of many cultures.

That said, honouring anniversaries isn't something that's inherent in everyone. Sometimes, even a simple trip to the flower shop for something special can seem like a lot for some. Read on to learn more about why anniversaries hold the same importance as your wedding:

Create New Memories

When you're celebrating your anniversary, looking back is good fun. However, there's always room for new memories as time passes. Think out of the box and create new memories you'll enjoy and carry for a lifetime. 

Have you been talking about doing something together but couldn't find the time and/or justify the expense? This is the perfect excuse to splurge a little in order to celebrate your union. If your love language is more about gifts, come up with the kind that is unique and clearly thoughtful. A good option are anniversary flowers by year, since specific flowers signify different marriage years.

Reminisce and Walk Down Memory Lane

Couples tend to put all their eggs into one basket: planning their wedding. They pour their all into the celebration mentally, physically and financially. With all the time, effort and resources put into it, revisiting the memory every so often makes perfect sense. Visit the ceremony venue, pull up the wedding video, drop by the reception venue; you could even wear your dress and suit from the big day again. Have a nice chat about how you felt that day. 

There's a chance that some things you didn't find fun or pleasant in those moments can bring some laughs now, so why not look into them? Your trip down memory lane will help you appreciate what's happened since and how far you've come.

Set Goals

Most couples regularly set goals already, but those are focused on finances or work. You can have goals in your relationship as well! An anniversary is the best time to really take the time to sit and consider the direction of your partnership.


Rightfully so, there's a lot of importance placed on weddings. However, after the big day comes the marriage, and there's typically not much pomp or circumstance there. Anniversaries are just as important because it's the perfect time to go down memory lane, set goals and create new memories.

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