What Your Favourite Flower Could Mean for Your Personality

by Robert Canning on May 27, 2022

Your favourite flower says a lot more about you and your personality than you think. If you want to learn more about what a specific flower says about your personality, then keep reading below.

  • Sunflowers for the Positive

  • Just like how the sun is a symbol of hope and optimism, the flower in its namesake means just the same. The bright yellow bloom makes it perfect for those who are always positive and optimistic. If you chose the sunflower to be your favourite flower, then you must have a cheerful outlook on life, and not everyone can easily dampen your happiness. Just make sure you also accept the realities, even though you remain positive.

  • Gardenias for the High-Maintenance

  • With their luxurious appearance and very fragrant smell, people who love gardenias are known to be high-maintenance. This does not necessarily mean a bad thing; it just means that they are more sensitive and careful with what they use in life. They want to be sure that they are only getting the best of the best. Just like gardenias, however, these people are also fragile and easily bruised. If you are with this personality type, it is important that you learn to accept that sometimes, things do not always go your way.

  • Tulips for the Simple and Laid-Back

  • Tulips are the embodiment of the saying “There is beauty in simplicity,” because of how they look. Tulips are not the most extravagant flower. Rather, they are plain in comparison to most others. Yet, everyone would agree that they are absolutely beautiful just the way they are. This flower is often the favourite of those who like to keep things plain and simple. They are pleasured at the smallest joys in life and are very laid back about how things go. However, you should also remember that there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something extravagant every now and then.

  • A Rose for the Sophisticated

  • If you ask people to think of a sophisticated flower, many would immediately come up with the image of a rose. A rose symbolises maturity, sophistication and a passion that comes with being an adult. While it is commonly used in romantic relationships and signifies some sort of intimacy, the rose can also symbolise power in being independent. People who love roses show a sense of maturity and growing up. Yet, they become used to their strength that they tend to push people away with their thorns. Make sure to let your guard down every once in a while.

  • Iris for the Artsy People

  • When the iris blooms, you are met with this wonderful flower. It reminds you of art, and while every other flower is also a piece of art, there is something unique with irises that make you think of all the creative people in your life. The flower, the iris, has long inspired great works of art in history, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that those who love this flower are very creative people. They can turn to this flower for inspiration, but they must also seek inspiration elsewhere when they can.

    A Flower for Everyone

    Everyone’s favourite flower will say something about them, especially if there is a special reason why they chose this particular flower. While the meanings written above are not set in stone and does not necessarily 100% accurate, we know that it is still pretty close based on our personal experience. Next time you look at a flower, think about what it means to you and how it speaks of you as an individual.

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