Interesting Information That You Need to Know about Roses

by Robert Canning on August 05, 2022

The rose is the national flower of both the United States and England. But they are more than what they look. For example, rose hips have more vitamin C than oranges. This is just one of its many surprising features beyond its beauty.

Here are some fascinating facts about roses you need to know:

  • A Flower with a Long Life Cycle 

Every spring, a pale pink rose climbs a column in Hildesheim Cathedral. Despite being virtually decimated by WWII bombs landing on the cathedral, the plant recovered the next year with new growth. A rose shrub in Germany is said to have thrived for over 1,000 years!

  • Roses Have Tons of Varieties!

Roses are available in over 150 varieties, with tens of thousands of possible crossbreeds. The history, development patterns, and blossom shape of a rose may all be utilized to identify it.

Miniature roses are similar to hybrid tea roses in size. Throughout the spring and summer, these little Polyantha roses blossom. There may be large clusters of floribunda rose flowers visible.

  • Essential Rose Oil Is Soothing!

Rose essential oils are frequently used in cosmetics and colognes. The effects on anxiety, stress, and discomfort are widely known.

Furthermore, it has been proved to improve libido! One gram of rose oil requires the use of two thousand roses. Essential oils are pricey, but consider this before you complain.

Making rose water from leftover petals is another option. For sensitive skin, rosewater is an excellent natural therapy that contains antioxidants and can aid in healing wounds and bruises.

  • It's Good Enough to Eat! 

You'll receive a rosehip if you wait until the flower turns into a fruit. Only two tablespoons of these fruits contain 76 percent of the recommended requirement for Vitamin C

Rosehips are high in antioxidants, which can help with inflammation and stress reduction in the body.

Rose water is also a popular method of ingesting the flower. Water with a strong anise taste is used in Turkish delight, baklava, and hazelnut ice cream.

  • Petal Floats and Parades 

On New Year's Day, the Tournament of Roses Parade takes place every year. Groups decorate their floats with roses, other flowers, and diverse organic elements such as bark or seeds.

How many roses are in a floating bouquet? vary significantly depending on the size of the float and the materials used. Thirty blooms cover just one square foot of float!

  • Fossils of Roses 

It's safe to say that roses have been around for many years. Colorado is home to the world's oldest rose fossil, estimated to be 35 million years old. That suggests that roses have been around for a long time.


You can learn a lot of interesting information about roses. For example, did you know that roses have been around for over 35 million years? Or that there are over 100 species of roses? Or that the rose is the official flower of the United States?

The next time you see a rose, take a moment to appreciate all the fascinating facts that make it so special.

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