Freesias: What to Know About This Gorgeous Flower

by Robert Canning on August 27, 2021

Freesias are well-loved in floral shops because they’re a favorite of many clients. Who can blame them? Freesias look like gems and their scent is simply incredible. It doesn’t hurt that they have a pretty long vase life, too, making them the perfect addition to a birthday or anniversary flower arrangements. 

When freesias grow in an ideal environment where they get sufficient sun exposure and they’re growing from a moist but still well-drained soil, you can get bright and sweet-smelling blooms. 

Freesias are a symbol of innocence and purity, of sweetness and beautiful friendship, making them one of the best gifts you can get for a cherished friend or loved one. 

If you want to know about this gorgeous flower, read on as Upscale and Posh shares what you need to know about Freesia:

Family and Genus

The Freesia spp. Genus is part of the Iridaceae family. This order of what’s known as Asparagales flowering plants includes around 1800 different species spanning across 70 genera. 

Other cultivated plants that belong in the same family include the gladiolus, the crocus, and, of course, the iris.  The name of the family, Iridaceae, comes from the Greek iris which means rainbow - a nod to the multiple colors of the flowers that belong in this plant family. 

Type and Structure

Freesias are zygomorphic, which means that they only grow flowers on one side of their stem. Other zygomorphic flowers you might be familiar with include the sweet pea and the orchid. 

The Freesia flower is bilaterally symmetric which means you can divide it in half and you’ll get two matching sides. Freesia foliage is made up of linear leaves that are arranged in a rosette. 


Freesia is known for its citrusy fragrance. Many describe their aroma to be sweet and alluring. The pink and red freesia are the most fragrant of all the varieties.

Where Did Its Name Come From?

The name of this flower is derived from the name of a German botanist, Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese. He brought the plants to Europe from Cape Province, South Africa two centuries ago. 

It was the botanist Christian Ecklon who named the flower after Freese around the 1800s to commemorate his friendship with Freese.

Where Did Freesias Come From?

Freesias are native to Africa’s southern parts. They thrive in warm areas with dry summers and wet winters.

Today, freesias are grown in greenhouses or gardens all over the world. They’re one of the favorite perennials of many thanks to their colorful and fragrant blooms. 

Meaning of Freesia Flowers According to Color

Freesia comes in many colors. Their varying hues are also associated with their own meanings. Here’s a quick guide to freesia’s meaning based on its hue:

  • Red - love and passion
  • White - innocence, purity, trust
  • Pink - motherly love, femininity
  • Yellow - joy, renewal, optimism
  • Purple - royalty, beauty, strength
  • Multicolor - friendship


Freesia’s incredible fragrance and gorgeous blooms make them an excellent choice for a gift, whether you’re looking for anniversary flower arrangements for your loved one or a sweet gift to a friend. White freesias because of what they symbolize are also a popular choice for wedding bouquets and engagement presents. Of course, you can always order an arrangement of Freesias in any color you want for your home or business as its fragrance can surely uplift the mood of anyone who smells it. 

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