A Study of Tulips: What It Means to Send Them in Red

by Robert Canning on June 11, 2021

Flowers are thoughtful gifts you can give someone at any event in their life. What makes them special is how they can communicate different messages depending on what kind you choose. Whether you plan to hand them out yourself or want a professional florist to deliver them to your loved one, they would surely appreciate the gesture when they receive the beautiful flowers.

If you are looking for a unique flower gift idea, you should consider sending red tulips next time. Tulips, in general, are lovely flowers that exude various meanings, depending on their colour. They are also a classic symbol of joy and rebirth. They gained this meaning because of how they bloom and stand out in their beautiful bright colours amidst the sad looks of winter.

A Quick Tulips Origin

Tulips were wildflowers growing in Central Asia. They were known to be cultivated by the Turkish as early as 1000 AD. In the 16th century, the flowers were brought to Europe, and now, they can be found in various parts of the world, from Europe, Africa, and China.

Colours and Meanings

As mentioned earlier, tulips in different colours radiate different meanings. Here are some of the important tulip meanings you should know.

  • Pink tulips: Pink tulips are perfect for showing affection and care to another person. They are also an excellent way to express good wishes and love.
  • Purple tulips: Purple is always a symbol of royalty, and the same goes for tulips.
  • Yellow tulips: Tulips in this colour symbolise cheerful thoughts. If you want to brighten someone’s day, consider sending them yellow tulips.
  • White tulips: If you want to ask for forgiveness, send a person white tulips.

Red Tulips and Its Symbols

Red tulips are among the favourites when it comes to tulip variants, and it also has many meanings associated.

  • Red is the colour of romance and passion. Red tulips can express how deeply in love you are with a person. Other concepts associated with it are perfect love, true love, undying love, and eternal love.
  • Red is also a way to tell people to believe in your feelings, making it one of the most romantic flowers out there.
  • Red tulips are a representation of the 11th month—the month before any anniversary.
  • In Feng Shui, the red tulip can bring fame and power.

Whether you send it as a bouquet or a single flower, they denote the same message.


Tulips are flowers popular for their bright colours and beautiful, almost perfectly symmetrical shape. They can symbolise a person’s perfect and deep love for someone. Sending tulips to your partner, parents, siblings, or children is ideal for showing how deeply you care for them.

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