Rose Color Meanings: What Do These 6 Rose Colors Mean?

by Robert Canning on June 11, 2021

Roses are red,
But white and pink too.
What meanings lie,
Behind each rose hue?

That may not be how the classic poem goes, but the original isn’t entirely true. Although the rose is commonly associated with the colour red, other rose variants come in different shades too. And each rose colour holds a specific meaning.

Red Rose

Red is the colour most associated with roses. Red roses are often linked with love and romance. Emotions relating to love, such as affection, longing and desire, are also associated with the flower.

Be careful when sending someone a single red rose or a bouquet of a dozen red roses because these are often used to say “I love you.” So, if that’s not the message you’re trying to convey just yet, perhaps choose another colour of rose to avoid any misunderstandings.

White Rose

White is often a symbol of purity and innocence. It signifies something untarnished and immaculate.

It’s no different when it comes to the white rose. White roses are often used at weddings, christenings and funerals. They are also given to grieving people to tell them that you are thinking of them during this difficult time.

Pink Rose

Unlike the bright passion of the red rose, the pink rose is more gentle. They can mean a lot of things, such as grace, admiration, joy and gratitude.

There are many shades of pink roses, and each one can hold a different meaning. The pale pink rose speaks of gentleness and sympathy. Dark pink roses, on the other hand, show appreciation and are used to thank someone.

Yellow Rose

Yellow symbolises friendship. And so, yellow roses are often given to friends to show them you care for them and are thinking of them.

Do not be mistaken in giving someone you admire a yellow rose. They might get the wrong meaning and only think of you as a friend, despite your romantic intentions.

Purple Rose

The purple rose is a bit rarer compared to other roses. Back in the day, purple was considered a rare dye and became associated with royalty as only the rich can afford purple fabric. Because of the colour’s association with royalty, purple roses became a symbol of splendour and were often offered to kings and queens.

Purple roses could also mean adoration. If you want to make someone feel special, give them a dark purple rose to tell them you adore them. And if you fell in love at first sight with someone, you can use a lavender rose to convey this message.

Orange Rose

If you want to convey passion but don’t want to go for the usual red rose, you can stand out by giving an orange rose instead. Orange roses also symbolise enthusiasm and romance.

Since orange is the result of combining red and yellow, orange roses can symbolise the early stages of a budding romance. This is the perfect rose to give your significant other if you started as friends but then became lovers.


Each type of rose holds a different meaning, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with these to avoid sending the wrong message. If you have a hard time expressing how you feel in words, let the roses speak for you.

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