Ways You Can Make Use of Dead Flowers From Old Bouquets

by Robert Canning on June 25, 2021

Receiving bouquets is a really pleasant feeling. It’s such a lovely gesture that can make someone feel special and loved. However, maintaining flowers from these bouquets is hard, so they all end up dying anyway. Throwing away the dead flowers is such a waste. Thankfully,   there are many ways you can reuse and recycle these flowers.

Here are some ways you can make use of old flowers and give them new life.

Make Scented Sprays

Once your bouquet of flowers is dead or has dried up, you can use the wilted petals to create your own scented spray. You can spray it on the different parts of your house, you can display it in various places of your home, or you can give it to others as a gift. If you are gifted with lavenders, their scent is actually very beneficial to reduce stress and to improve your sleep. To make a good spray, you mix the flowers with clean water, alcoholic drinks like vodka and essential oils.

Use Them as Decoration

Dried flowers are artistically beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. You can put them in an empty picture frame, or any glass, in your home. You can put it up on your walls since flowers make beautiful decorations in any space. It’s very easy and won’t consume much of your time at all! 

Many people who receive bouquets frame these flowers to preserve them and remind them of fond memories, such as their wedding day or a milestone in their career.

Use Them as Designs on DIY Projects

If you’re someone who loves to do arts and crafts, you’ll know that dried flowers are a beautiful detail to any of your projects. You can use them to design and make scented papers. With the scented petal paper, you can make handwritten letters to your family, friends and loved ones; you can also use them for greeting cards and gift wraps. 

Use Them to Make Potpourri

Dried flowers are the main ingredient in making potpourri. It’s simple, easy to make and inexpensive! Potpourris are great for freshening up your rooms, but you can also use them to make your clothes and linens smell nice, even without perfume! You can make potpourri by mixing your dried flowers with any essential oils of your choice, and then baking it for a few hours in your oven. 

Use Them to Make Candles

A way to make your candles pretty is by adding flowers into your wax mixture! You can never go wrong with designing your candles with dried flowers. Although, you’ll need to add essential oils if you want to make scented candles since flowers don’t really add much fragrance to the wax. Now, you have beautiful candles sitting in your home, and you can also give them to other people as gifts!

Final Thoughts

Flowers have many uses even after they have dried up. You won’t have to throw everything away, especially if you’re planning to live a zero-waste lifestyle. Dried flowers have special functions like decorations, gifts and more! All you have to do is be creative and go for what you like best.

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