5 Ways to Keep Your Flower Centrepieces Fresh for Longer

by Robert Canning on August 20, 2021

If you want floral centrepieces to last for years, you’d be better off with artificial flowers. However, nothing can compare to the magnificence, beauty, and smell of natural flowers. Yes, they won’t last forever, but there are many ways to make them last as long as possible.

Here are things you can do to preserve the beauties you can get from your local floral shop.

1. Choose the Right Size for Your Flower Container

When designing floral arrangements, the size of the vase matters. Aside from its impact on the overall aesthetic, it is also essential to the life of the cut flowers.

First, you should ensure that the vase’s opening is wide enough to fit all the stems nicely. If the mouth of the vase is too narrow, you might squish the stems and prevent water from providing nourishment to the flowers.

Should you experience this concern, you have two options: get a larger vase or create a smaller flower bunch. But what if you have a larger vase? Your problem in this case is that the arrangement will be more difficult to execute.

If you’re considering flower arrangements, the best move is to pick out the proper flowers to fit your favourite vase—short and stocky flowers for smaller vases, and tall and showy for larger ones. Also, don’t be afraid to cut out stems to get the proper height that you want. 

2. Cut Out the Stems First

Before placing your flowers in the vase, make sure you cut out all the stems. Even if the florists have already cut the stems, you must do another set of cuts after a few days. Plus, you might also give your flowers some fresh water every few days. Doing these simple things will ensure that fresh water will be able to go through stem.

How should you cut flower stems? All you have to do is a one-inch cut at a 45-degree angle. This angle prevents squishing and makes water absorption even easier.

3. Don’t Forget to Cut Out the Extra Leaves

Before you place your flowers inside the vase, you have to cut out the extra foliage, as well. By getting rid of the superfluous leaves, you can avoid having leaves unnecessarily submerged in the water. Plus, you help in keeping the water clean and clear, avoiding extra bacteria in the water. A streamlined arrangement allows the flowers to be the focal point and keeps them alive longer.

4. Change the Water Regularly

You’ve seen this reminder quite a few times, but you must change the water every two days. First, rinse the vase and try to clean it out well. Then, when filling it with water, make sure you stay within two-thirds of the allotted space.

You can also purchase a packet of plant food and add it to the water to provide additional nutrients and prolong the plant’s life.

5. Place Your Flowers in the Best Spot

If you want to keep your centrepiece in your house for much longer, put it in the right place. A pro tip is to refrigerate them overnight. Then, place your arrangement in an area where it will be shaded and receive indirect sunlight. Also, keep them away from fruits and vegetables, as they produce ethylene gas that is harmful to the flowers.

Final Thoughts 

Floral arrangements elevate the beauty of any home. Keeping them as long as you can is much more cost-effective, so it’s a good thing to learn some excellent tips.

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