4 Warning Signs Your Orchids Are Not Doing Good

by Robert Canning on October 29, 2021

There are some signs your orchid is not thriving. And if you want your plant to stay happy and healthy for years to come, you need to know these red flags to signal it needs help.

Caring for orchids isn’t always as obvious as some other plants. While it may be obvious to others that your orchid isn’t doing so well, it isn’t always as clear to you why. While some issues are clearly caused by things such as neglect, the list below is a more subtle indication of problems.

1. Webbing on the Leaves

Do you see silk webs on the leaves of your orchids? Don’t worry; they’re not spiders—those are mites. Mites are similar to spiders, hence the webbing. They feed on the orchid and will cause yellowing on the leaves. Mites tend to appear when the plant is dry. 

You can solve this by spraying your plant with water or placing them in the shower to wash away the mites. Also, remember that orchids like humidity, so you need to spray them regularly or have a humidifier nearby.

2. Failure to Bloom

Let’s say you’ve been doing everything to keep your orchid alive, yet it still hasn’t bloomed. Orchids bloom in the same year you got them, so if they’re not blooming, then there is a problem. 

It’s best to keep the orchids by the windows to get their much-needed temperature drop at night. They need to be in a cooler environment while ensuring your orchids get sufficient light during the day. However, don’t put them in direct light! If none of these work, try repotting your orchid in a fresh potting medium. 

3. Drooping Leaves

If you notice your orchids’ leaves drooping, they simply need more water. The first thing to do here is to remove the potting medium for orchids to check their roots. If you see the roots all mushy, they were likely overwatered. On the other hand, dried up roots mean they’ve been underwatered. 

Soak the roots in clean water for 5-10 minutes and remove the soft, dead roots. When you repot them, increase the humidity but reduce watering for 10 days before you resume regular watering. 

4. Too Many Buds

It’s easy to think that orchids that produce many buds are a good thing, but this is actually frustrating. When this happens, the buds only grow yellow and die before they even blossom. 

Keep in mind that these developing buds need extra TLC. We know; this will take a lot of work. So, what you can do is avoid this because bud blast signals the orchids are under stress. This usually happens when you abruptly change their environment. Rectify this by switching out the potting medium for orchids. 

Keep Your Orchids Healthy and Thriving

The orchid has a lot going for it–the name, the look and a favourite flower for some people. But what you might not know about orchids is that they are a notoriously fragile plant. Growing them is a tricky business. But if you know how to spot signs of stress, your orchid can live a happier and healthier life.

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