Looking for a Way to Speak Your Heart? Use Carnations!

by Robert Canning on August 27, 2021

Carnations have a fascinating 2,000-year history, and they're full of meaning and symbolism. These lovely, fluffy blooms have weathered the test of time and remain popular choices for weddings and birthday parties to this very day. The carnation flower delights all senses with its light, sweet aroma and broad spectrum of colours.

If you are thinking about going to a flower boutique in Dubai and getting someone a carnation bouquet, learn more about the various colour meanings to find the most suitable gift!

Where Do Carnations Come From?

Carnations are one of the world's oldest cultivated flowers. They were found by Theophrastus, one of the earliest known botanists, in the Ancient Greek and Roman periods. Carnations were widely utilised in art, decor, wreaths, and perfumes and were primarily grown in Europe and Asia.

The flowers had some significant health benefits. Brewing a delicious carnation tea would aid to lift those feelings and offer them an incredible surge of energy for stressed people. In addition, people utilised them to cure stomach aches, fevers, wrinkles, and other skin problems. It's little surprise they're renowned as the "flower of the gods."

What do carnations symbolise?

Carnations have been associated with many different symbolic meanings in many cultures since they have been around for a long time. Some of them include:

1. Devotion

Carnations, which symbolise dedication, are an excellent choice for individuals tying the knot. In fact, in the 15th and 16th centuries, many great Renaissance painters utilised the carnation flower in their engagement scenes. As a result, including them in the bridal bouquet, buttonholes, or table decorations will make a significant impact!

2. Love

Carnations are also a symbol of love. Carnations are an excellent present for various events such as Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, whether it's familial love, romantic love, or the love of a friend.

3. Distinction

Carnations are regarded for symbolising uniqueness due to their distinct and attractive shape. They truly understand how to stand out in a crowd! They'd be ideal for that charming, eccentric person in your life.

4. Fascination

Carnations are also associated with intrigue since they are intriguing and engaging to look at. For centuries, they have been included in poems, paintings, and music. If someone has given you a bouquet of gorgeous carnations, we're sure they believe you're a fascinating person.

What Do the Various Carnation Colours Mean?

Carnations were only found in tones of pink when they were first discovered. However, they have since expanded to cover a wide range of colours, each with its own unique meaning.

1. Carnations in Pink Symbolise Gratitude

The most prevalent colour of carnation is pink, which represents gratitude. Pink carnations are commonly associated with Mother's Day. They're also a terrific way to express appreciation and say thank you to a teacher, nurse, coworker, or friend.

2. Carnations in White Symbolise Purity and Good Fortune

White carnations are stunning flowers that symbolise purity and good fortune. They are the way to go if you know someone who needs a little more luck in their life, whether they're getting engaged, just graduated, or about to embark on a new adventure!

3. Carnations in Red Symbolise Love and Affection

Did you get it right this time? It's no wonder that red carnations are associated with love and affection. Imagine your sweetheart presenting you with a bouquet of wonderfully vivid red carnations. Swoon! While they are most commonly given to signify romantic love, they can also be given to anybody you care about.

4. Carnations in Yellow Represent Disappointment and Rejection

Yellow carnations are beautiful, but they don't have the happiest message. They are the most delicate flower to deliver to someone you need to apologise to since they represent disappointment and rejection. They're also appropriate to send in times of grief.

5. Carnations in Purple Symbolise Capriciousness

Purple carnations are unique as they represent capriciousness. They are ideal for giving to an impulsive or unpredictable friend or family member before their next big adventure! If you're unsure how receivers will appreciate your present, purple carnations are the perfect flowers to deliver.

Express Your Heart with Carnations Today!

Carnations are a fascinatingly lovely flower that is ideal for giving as a gift on any special occasion. More importantly, they can be an excellent choice for your everyday flower needs, whether for personal gifts or merely for decorating.

Have you made up your mind about the colour carnation you'll choose to communicate your feelings today? Visit our flower boutique in downtown Dubai and pick up a beautiful bouquet today!

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