A Brief Explainer on the Use and Symbolism of White Roses

by Robert Canning on June 11, 2021

Flowers are so beautiful and unchanging in their beauty, even as they differ in colour. However, hue does dictate the use and unique meaning. Roses are no exception, even as they come in almost every shade of the rainbow these days.

White roses are probably one of the biggest competitors next to red roses. Alice in Wonderland had depicted such a rivalry between the types of people and their floral preference, and there may just be some merit in why that is so.

If you’re interested in getting some white roses for a wedding, date or just as a simple gift, here’s a brief explainer on its use and symbolism.

Popularity in Modern Times

In modern times, white roses are depicted in many media series as a representation of something pure and untainted. This has probably helped in popularising its use, alongside the different interpretations and reasons for utilising it.

Aside from that, white roses have been timelessly used in bride’s bouquets and wedding decor because of their delicate appearance, alluding to the blushing bride in white. White has always been an iconic colour that’s been associated with weddings, and that has stood through to 2021 as popularity surges further into its use.

Significance in History

White roses have probably crept into every aspect of society back during the good old days. Each part of the world had created its own cultural, political and religious meaning historically, with some still standing strong throughout this day. For example, white roses were used by men to hint at courting women in an attempt to pursue a relationship with them in the UK.

In line with that, they had also been used for weddings. It became tradition after an 1840 wedding between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. According to floral experts, white roses had been used for courtship and weddings as they represented chastity and purity. This does coincide with other groups’ general assumptions and evaluation of the flower.

Symbolic Meaning

White roses, as mentioned above, have gone through so many interpretations. One of the first concepts that white roses had been associated with was beauty. In Roman mythology, Venus had been described to be surrounded by a flurry of white roses until she had pricked herself and turned the petals to red.

This further fueled the difference between red roses and white roses. Although both had symbolised romance, red stood more for passion and a burning desire similar to flames. White, in contrast, had always been used to symbolise purity, cleanliness and untouched innocence.

Roses in that colourless white hue have always been associated with a budding romance, new beginnings and the hope for something great. This is why they’re perfect for relationships and weddings as new bonds are formed, and relationships are strengthened.


Upon using and seeing white roses, you can have a greater appreciation for how long they have been relevant in society. They’ve stood the test of time to show up at weddings and several occasions, and they’ll likely continue to do so in style.

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