Ultimate Guide to Official Anniversary Flowers (Years 11 -50)

by Robert Canning on July 02, 2021

Flowers have always been a symbol of romance and a declaration of love. It’s no wonder that bouquets of blooms are a part of wedding anniversaries all over the world. But did you know that there are actually some official flowers for a specific number of years couples are together?

That’s something interesting, right? If your anniversary with your lovely wife is coming up, you might want to know what flower best represents the number of years you have been together. Check out this list for the official anniversary flowers for years 11 to 50 before you order a bouquet from your local floral shop:

For the 11th Anniversary – Tulips

Tulips are recognizable due to their uniquely shaped blooms that come in various bright colours. Tulips grow from bulbs in March and all throughout spring. These beautiful flowers originated from Central Asia.

Tulip is the official flower that marks 11 years of marriage and signifies declaration of love. The exact meaning may vary depending on the colour of the tulip, but they’re usually linked to feelings of enthusiasm, joy, peace, and purity.

For the 12th Anniversary – Peonies

Peony bushes produce big and fluffy flowers in various colours like coral, maroon, white, and yellow. They smell amazing, too. Peonies are springtime flowers that grow in Asia, Europe, and Western North America.

Peonies represent compassion, happy marriage, good luck and romance, among others. A dozen peonies would make the perfect gift for your wife of 12 years!

For the 13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or mums, as they are often called, grow more in the fall, although some grow them through all the other seasons, too. They come originally from China and come in shades of red, violet, and yellow. Chrysanthemums have lots of petals and grow in mounds.

The official flower for the 13th year of marriage, a chrysanthemum, symbolizes fidelity, friendship, joy, longevity and trust, among others. A spouse who receives a bouquet of these bright flowers will know that they are cherished.

For the 14th Anniversary – Dahlias

Growing in the summer until the fall, dahlias are among the most exquisite flowers you can find. They grow from tubers and come in an array of colours like pink, orange, red, white, and yellow. There are even multicolour ones that are truly mesmerizing. Dahlias are native to Mexico.

These 14th-anniversary blooms are usually associated with grace, commitment, honesty, and inner strength.

For the 15th Anniversary – Roses

Perhaps the most recognizable and popular flower in the world, roses are the official 15th-year anniversary flowers as they stand for strong love despite challenges in the relationship.

It is said that roses were first grown around 2000 BC in Iraq. They come in a range of colours and sizes. There are orange, pink, white, red, and yellow roses. Any of these colours can be given on your 15th wedding anniversary, but red is perhaps the most popular choice.

For the 20th Anniversary – Aster

Asters are perennial blooms that resemble daisies. The flower comes in different colours like blue, purple, and white. Its distinct characteristic, though, is that it looks like a star! Asters grow in North America and bloom during late summer and fall.

If you’re looking for flowers for your 20th anniversary, choose Asters. This official anniversary flower stands for achievement, bravery, faith, love, and patience.

For the 25th Anniversary – Iris

Irises which are native to both Asia and Europe but are now grown across the globe, need the sun to grow to full bloom. The bulbous blooms of irises can be beardless, bearded, or crested and come in an assortment of colors

Give your loved one a bouquet of irises for your 25th anniversary, as this one shows a message of strength and longevity, as well as hope, communication, and faith.

For the 28the Anniversary – Orchids

Many are familiar with orchids because they are houseplants that are loved in different parts of the world. Their delicate flowers come in various shades. The most common colours are pink, purple, white, yellow, and sometimes, they come in patterns of spots and stripes. Orchids often bloom once a year though there are some that flower a few times more.

Orchids signify love and strength, a perfect symbol for 28 years of togetherness.

For the 30th Anniversary – Lilies

Lilies are popular in Asia, North America, and Europe, where they are grown. They are perennials that grow from bulbs and end up as colourful blooms with six petals shaped like a trumpet. They come in gold, pink, orange, red, and white. While they often represent springtime, lilies actually grow in early summer and fall.

This 30th-anniversary flower symbolizes motherhood, love, purity, and femininity.

For the 40th Anniversary – Gladiolus

Natively grown in South Africa, there are 260 species of gladiolus. They are grown from a bulb all through the summer and can come in a variety of shades; the most common being rose, pink, white, lavender, and yellow.

They represent the 40th year of marriage, and what values come with a relationship that withstands the test of time – honor, calmness, faithfulness, integrity, and persistence.

For the 50th Anniversary – Yellow Rose and Violet

For those who have reached their golden anniversary, a combination of violets and yellow roses is a perfect present. Violets are originally grown in Tanzania and other parts of Africa. They have small petals with a circular pattern in violet, of course.

Yellow roses represent care, loyalty, and friendship – the foundation of a long-lasting relationship, while violets stand for devotion and faithfulness.


Flowers, in general, are always a good idea for a wedding anniversary present. But wouldn’t it be more meaningful if you get your loved one a bouquet of blooms that actually represent the number of years you’ve been together? Whether you’re ordering your 1st or your 25th wedding anniversary flowers, choosing the official blooms for that year means you’ve put more thought into your gift.


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