What Type of Flowers Should You Put in an Apology Bouquet

by Robert Canning on March 18, 2022

Flowers carry a lot of meaning. A bouquet can serve as a perfect way to express an apology. It works for a wide variety of situations, whether it's to make amends with a significant other or try to say sorry for a person you accidentally inconvenienced, among others.

Of course, there are different choices you can find in a floral shop. Various types of flowers carry their own meaning, so it's best to figure out the best choices depending on the situation you find yourself in.


Gardenias are not just beautiful flowers, but they are also a symbol of reflection, love, and trust. Their pureness is a great way to say that you are genuinely apologetic for whatever it is you may have done.

The flower can also symbolise gratitude, showing that you are grateful for the trust and care that the recipient may usually give you. It's a good choice if you are apologising to someone you really cherish.

Aesthetically, they are also really beautiful bouquet pieces that work as an eye-catching centrepiece.


Roses are most often associated with romance and proclamations of love, but they are also a good way to apologise. You may usually see this being given to family and significant others, depending on the colour.

Pink roses are good for apologising to dear friends and family members. Red petals are usually reserved for lovers and are an excellent way to proclaim that your love is what is driving your apology and your desire to make amends.


Despite their more "flowery" appearance, tulips are often used to extend sincere apologies in general. Even if you aren't very close with someone, this type of flower can be a good way to say that you genuinely want forgiveness and that you take into account their side of things.

Tulips are also a symbol of peace and joy, so they’re a good way to say that you want to move forward amicably. White and yellow ones, in particular, are a good pick for this purpose.

Star of Bethlehem

This flower has a lot of religious meanings, but this background also makes it widely associated with purity, new beginnings, hope, and forgiveness. Include it in a sizable bouquet, as it looks good as a real offering of peace and accountability.

This is the flower to go for if you really want to convey that you're sorry and you want to move forward. Of course, it's best to note that it is quite harmful when ingested by animals, so that's something to be careful about if you’re sending it to someone who has pets.


Orchids are not just pretty flowers that you can put in your bouquet. White orchids are a perfect apology flower because they don't carry any other hidden meanings other than elegance, honesty, and prosperity.

This makes them a good choice whether you are apologizing to someone close to you or a person that you may have wronged but don't actually know that well.


Just making the simple effort to pick out flowers from a reliable floral shop and have a bouquet made is a good step toward making amends. Flowers are not just a thoughtful gift but are also a good way to send your good wishes and extend your sincere apologies along with the pretty arrangements.

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