Basic Caring Tips to Keep Your Peonies’ Life Longer

by Robert Canning on June 11, 2021

If you are over with roses, peonies are great replacements. Peonies are dreamy and aesthetic. A peony that has fully bloomed can easily add an extra layer of drama to a room. And since it doesn’t hold a specific symbol, unlike roses that are always associated with romance or chrysanthemums that are commonly given during funerals, peonies are more neutral. They can even be gifted as get-well flowers, happy anniversary flowers, or Mother’s Day flowers.

Dried flowers are great options if you want long-lasting floral arrangements at home, but nothing beats fresh flowers in every corner of the room. Peonies have a very short lifespan, but if you enjoy their beauty around you, here are ways to help them last a little longer:

Unwrap with care

Cut flowers are often expected to live shorter, so you should handle them more carefully. If you received a bouquet of peonies and want to display them on your desk, make sure you unwrap them carefully. This way, you don’t have to redo the way florists put them together!

Feed the peonies

The primary food of flowers is water. So, if you want to keep them longer, make sure they are soaked in water. However, you have to mind the amount of water you are giving them. Gently transfer them in a clean vase filled with two-thirds of water. But sometimes, water is not enough. This is why there is available flower food in floral shops that you can sprinkle on the peonies to prolong their lives.

Give them a trim

Remember that flowers also need a trim to keep them fresh. Of course, the stem is where they sip water through. Use shears or scissors to trim the end of the stem, and cut off 3-5 centimetres and make sure you cut them at a 45-degree angle. The angled end helps them increase the water uptake. You may also ask your local florist to cut them before arranging.

Remove fallen leaves

Be sure to cut off leaves that are about to fall off and watch out for leaves that have fallen inside the vase. These leaves may rot and cause bacteria production. Cut flowers are very vulnerable to contaminants. Fallen leaves may also block the stems of the peonies and hinder them from drinking enough water.

Give them sunlight (but not too much)

When you were kids, you likely learned that plants need the sun to produce their food but cut flowers may need a different amount of sunlight compared to those that still have roots. Allow the sun to see the flowers for a while but make sure that their place is not hit by direct sunlight the whole day. Also, keep them away from the window that lets too much wind pass through because the breeze can shake your peonies too much and destroy their petals.

Help them bloom

If you receive peonies that haven’t fully bloomed yet, you can still do something about it. Help them bloom quicker by massaging the buds. On the other hand, you may also let them bloom on their own by exposing them to a considerable amount of sunlight and you’ll see their beautiful petals open in no time!

Check up on them

Peonies are premium flowers that require more water. Check up on them by giving them clean fresh water every day. Also, keep trimming the stems to help keep them hydrated all the time!


Fresh flowers are mesmerising but as much as you want to fill your home with fresh sets of flowers, they are too fragile to keep forever. Yet, there are basic ways you can take care of them while they keep your homes gorgeous. Be sure to follow the tips we’ve shared above and take extra steps to make them last longer!

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