Tips to Help You Choose the Best Centrepiece for Your Event

by Robert Canning on October 22, 2021

Planning a party, get-together, or shindig takes time and effort. Whether you are planning to put together an elaborate wedding entourage,  or a small gathering between friends in your backyard, there is one crucial part of the gathering that is often overlooked. Aside from planning the menu and various activities for the party, the centrepiece is something you also need to plan.

Selecting the right type of centrepiece will help tie in the overall theme and vibe that you want for your party. However, if you have never given centrepieces much thought, this blog post will give you some insight on how to choose the best one for your event!

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Centrepiece for Your Event

There are many aspects of a party that need to be planned out. However, one critical part of a party that will reflect the personality of the host is the centrepiece. Below is a list of the best tips to make sure that you get this essential part of your table set up right!

1 - Type of Event You Are Hosting

Centrepiece details may vary depending on the type of event you are hosting. If you are planning a wedding, birthday, or other special happy event, you may want to use lively colour choices for the flowers and ornaments you choose for your centrepiece. 

2 - How Much Budget Do You Have?

Your budget will also play a pivotal role in the type of centrepiece you have. If you are planning a party with a tighter budget restriction, you may want to consider making smaller and more modest decorations and centrepieces. Choosing to use more affordable flowers should be a priority. 

3 - Venue Restrictions

There may also be some specific restrictions set by the venue you will choose. Venues may restrict centrepieces that contain an open flame, allergens, and the use of glass blows. These restrictions may vary depending on the venue. Whether you choose an outdoor garden or indoor function room, you may have to consider dancing around some of these restrictions when you plan your decorations and centrepiece. 

4 - Shape of the Tables

The shape of the tables at your event may also influence the type of centrepiece you place. For example, a round centrepiece will look good from all angles if the tables are round. However, an angled centrepiece will work for rectangular or square tables. 

5 - Lighting

Lighting will also play a role in your choice of centrepiece. The colour of the lights and the way they are angled may have an effect on the way that your centrepieces look to the guests who are seated at the table. 


Remember that every event is unique, which is why choosing a centrepiece should be given as much thought as the venue, guest list, and other minute details. Most of the time, people have memories with the smallest and seemingly insignificant parts of the overall event. Working with the right florist and flower service will ensure that your centrepieces, and event as a whole, will be stunning.

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