8 Good Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Day Flowers

by Robert Canning on December 17, 2021

Flower arrangements undoubtedly add an element of natural beauty to a wedding. The sweet smell of roses rivals the love between the bridegroom and expresses their joy in multiple shades of nature’s flora. Thus, getting the right kind is vital to pulling off this look. Here are eight good tips for selecting the best wedding day flowers from your floral shop!

Tip 1: Consider the Theme

Is your wedding more rustic in nature or more formal? Determining the event’s atmosphere can help your selection for the right flowers for the job! If it’s more rustic, opt for plants like sunflowers, lilies, and daisies. Is it a formal ceremony? Roses and tulips will do with their uniform colours.

Tip 2: Consider Your Budget

When planning your wedding, apportion some of your finances to floral arrangements. Having a set budget will help you and your partner determine the kind of flowers you can afford and how many you can purchase. 

Typically-speaking, around eight percent of a couple’s wedding finances go to floral arrangements. Be sure you and your partner discuss just how much you are willing to spend according to your budget.

Alternatively, you can speak to a floral shop and get their input regarding the arrangements you can get with your allotted amount.

Tip 3: Refer to Pegs

There’s nothing absolutely wrong with observing floral arrangements from weddings first before doing your own thing. Referring to pegs will jog your imagination and inspire creativity for the desired look. Take down notes if Pinterest or social media pegs placed the contact details of the floral shop that supplied them and be ready to do some actual canvasing after.

Tip 4: Talk to the Bridal Team

More often than not, it is the women intimately involved in the wedding that know virtually every single detail of the event, particularly the bridal team! Chatting them up during or even after the wedding can give you inside scoops on who the flower supplier was, how much it cost, and if they have special offers and promos!

Tip 5: Begin with Your Bouquet(s)

Your bridal entourage bouquets are one of the most visible props during photo ops. As such, you should start planning floral arrangements from there. Determine what flowers will go into them and what colors will be featured. Once you’ve made the final decisions, you can prioritise the other arrangements throughout the ceremony and the reception.

Tip 6: Take Inspiration from Your Wedding Season

The number of years you’ve been married can also inspire what kinds of flowers you choose.

  • 10-year anniversary flowers can be red roses, poinsettias, or begonias to reflect your ever-passionate love for one another!

  • 25th wedding anniversary flowers such as artemisia, blue fescue, and dianthus can reflect your celebration’s silver theme.

  • Finally, 50-year wedding anniversary flowers that symbolise your golden theme can include sunflowers, daisies, and lilies.

Tip 7: Do Some Research

It’s best to know a bit about what you want before talking to a florist about making it a reality. For instance, do you just want flowers that look good or do you want them to be fragrant as well? Understanding these considerations will help your communication with a floral shop.

Tip 8: Go to a Floral Shop

When planning for a wedding, don’t leave flower arrangements up to chance. Give them to the hands of professionals who can guide you through budgeting, purchasing, and executing your desired floral theme for your special day!

As We Come to an End

These eight good tips will help you select the best wedding day flowers that will make your guests swoon with delight! Just be sure to follow all these instructions so that your ceremony and reception look blooming without making that much of a dent in your budget!

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