5 Tips on How to Keep Orchids Beautiful and Healthy

by Robert Canning on April 15, 2022

Orchids are beautiful and colourful flowers that are easy to care for once you have found the most suitable environment for them—preferably on a sunny windowsill.

There are several popular types of orchids. The Phaelonopsis (often called "moth orchid" for its shape) and the Dendrobium (also called "cane orchid" for its stem) are two of the most commonly grown types of orchids.

The Phaelonopsis orchid has a few large, showy "moth" flowers at the top of its stem and several smaller flowers around it. The flowers are usually white and often tinged with green or pink. It doesn't need a lot of extra care, but the flowers will last longer if you follow a few tips.

Here are our top tips on how to keep your orchids looking healthy, happy and beautiful.

Remember the Required Amount of Sunlight

Orchids can survive in a variety of lighting conditions, including shady areas with reflected sunlight. However, for optimum growth and beautiful, vibrant flowers, provide the Phaelonopsis with bright light.

They prefer bright light, but not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the flowers and even expose the leaves to direct sunlight will cause a sunburn in areas that get direct sunlight. While the orchid prefers bright light, you can expose it to a bit of direct sunlight in the morning when the sun is not as intense.

Be careful when moving an orchid to a new environment. If it was previously in a shady spot, sunburn will occur.

Use the Right Amount of Water

When watering orchids, the amount of water is important. Too much water will drown the roots, but too little water will kill the orchid. Water the flower often, but use only room temperature water. Never pour hot water on a Phaelonopsis.

It's usually easy to tell if your orchid needs water. Water droplets form on the tips of the leaves, and when you touch the plant, it feels soft. To water your orchid, use room temperature water and water the area around the pot, not the roots. Standing water can cause the roots of an orchid to rot.

The best way to water the roots of the orchid is with a watering can and without a filter. The water will come out of the watering can in a fine mist, which will allow the orchid to absorb the water easily. You can mist the plant with a spray bottle if you don't have a watering can.

Consider the Ideal Temperature

Temperatures are one of the most important things to consider when keeping your orchids healthy. Orchids prefer a temperature of about 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

An orchid that is too cold or too hot will not survive for long. If you regularly experience temperatures outside of the ideal range, try to move your orchid to another environment that is more suitable.

To keep the orchid warm, place it near a radiator or other source of heat. To help keep the orchid cool, place it near a window with a cross breeze, or near a fan to help keep it cool. Avoid placing the orchid near a drafty window.

Take Note of the Best Environment

Orchid prefers an environment where there is plenty of water and humidity. Its ideal environment has a smaller temperature range as well.

To help your orchid reach its ideal environment, place the orchid in a room near a window with a cross breeze or near a fan. It should be in a place where the temperature does not shift by more than four degrees.


Orchids are beautiful and easy to care for if you have the right environment for them. A sunny windowsill is usually the optimal environment for orchids, but many people have found success with orchids in windows in other rooms of the house. 

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