Beauty and Purpose: The Many Uses and Benefits of Sunflowers

by Robert Canning on July 16, 2021

Sunflowers are a classic head-turner when you pass by a yard or a floral shop full of iridescent flowers. They are also wonderful to have in a vase at home, adding life and a natural vibe to any room. But behind its fragrance and charisma, a sunflower has several practical uses and benefits.

So take a tour of this sunflower-filled writing to discover the many uses and benefits of the sunflower.

Sunflowers as Food

As you all know, sunflower seeds are edible, being a preferred healthy snack for many people worldwide. For extra flavour, sunflower seeds can also be roasted off and sprinkled on salads or cakes.

Sunflower seeds bring many nutritional benefits as they are rich in vitamins A, B, E, protein, iron, and calcium. While you can munch on the shells of sunflower seeds, eating them in excess can cause constipation. This is why you usually spit the shells out when eating sunflower seeds.

If you are a chocolate lover, you can even get sunflower seeds that are covered in chocolate!

Sunflowers as Vegetable Oil

Sunflowers were widely used to make vegetable oil in America and then later in Russia. Sunflower oil is considered a healthier type of vegetable cooking oil because it has low contents of saturated fat (the unhealthy type of fat content). You can use sunflower oil in many types of cooking. For one, you can use it in baking to replace margarine and butter for cakes and cookies.

What’s more, sunflower oil can also serve as a massage oil. Being light and non-greasy, sunflower oil is soothing to the skin. More importantly, it has no strong odour that lingers on the skin.

Sunflowers as Natural Dye

Most people love sunflowers because of their radiant colour. These beaming sunflower petals are also used to produce natural dyes for several yellow and orange shades. Sunflower seeds can also be used to make natural dyes with colours ranging from grey to dark purple. Natural dyes are used for fabrics and yarns.

Sunflowers as Plants

It’s such a wonderful sight to see sunflowers as part of your blooming garden plants. What makes them very noticeable are their large flower heads and their bright and lovely colours. Sunflower petals are often yellow, but some varieties can be in orange and red shades.

Because of these qualities of sunflowers, they are often displayed as a bouquet. Outdoors, they are used as adornments for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

The Meaning Behind Sunflowers

Beyond its many uses, the sunflower holds many symbolic meanings in different cultures around the world. In China, sunflowers mean good luck and happiness, making them perfect gifts during graduations and business openings.

In ancient Greece, sunflowers depicted a love story between gods. The sunflowers moving toward the sun symbolise the undying love of a goddess who fell for the god of the sun. Sunflowers have the scientific name Helianthus, formed from two Greek words “, helios” and “Anthus”, which mean sun and flower, respectively.


Today, sunflowers mean summertime for many people. Their tall green stems and bright yellow petals make them such a lovely sight to behold. Aside from symbolising good luck and happiness, there are many things that you can learn from sunflowers. Add to these their benefits and many uses, and it’s the perfect flower to have in any form!

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