The Story and Meaning Behind the Daisy Flower

by Robert Canning on October 22, 2021

Anyone hardly needs to wake up and smell the roses to realize that current happenings have been less than pleasant, from the global pandemic and the economic crisis to global warming and climate change. Given the recent issues various countries are experiencing worldwide, there’s no denying that the future is beginning to seem a little bleak, and to some, even non-existent. 

Indeed, things haven’t been looking great for the past year or so, but where there is despair, there is hope! Even in the midst of chaos, there is hope. Although the sky seems less blue and glummer, the lush evergreen beneath your feet and the heavenly blooms around you radiate everlasting beauty, resilient amidst despair.

The Daisy Flower: Unwavering Beauty, Lasting Resilience

If one flower were to reflect the world’s resilience to the mountain of negative occurrences happening in succession, it would most probably be the daisy flower. Daisies are often associated with innocence and purity, but most importantly, they also symbolize new beginnings and hope.

Although flowers are known to be delicate and weak against various environmental elements, the daisy flower is different. Unlike other fragile blooms, the innocent daisy flower does not freeze, can grow in the sun and the darkness, and reproduces. 

Without a shred of pretentiousness, daisies will grow to their utmost beauty with determination for two years until their eventual death during the third year. Albeit having a short lifespan, none can compare to its toughness and delicateness, attributes from which we can learn.

The Meaning of the Daisy Flower

As with other flowers, daisies hold various meanings and symbols from which they were attributed across the past centuries. With the number of influences from all over the world, the daisy flower has grown to have countless meanings, some of which are more well-known than others.

The daisy flower represents:

Innocence and Purity

Since daisy flowers are usually associated with newborns and babies, they symbolize the innocence an infant has. Given its meaning, the daisy flower is typically included in birthday flower arrangements for children and parents. Since this flower symbolizes purity, it can be the perfect gift to give to those who have just given birth.

Hope and New Beginnings

Other than innocence and hope, the daisy flower also represents hope and new beginnings, as they close their petals at dawn and open them during sunrise. If you know someone who’s starting a new phase in their life or celebrating a significant breakthrough, we recommend offering them a beautiful arrangement of fresh daisies.


In some parts of the world, the daisy flower relates to modesty and simplicity, patience and loyalty, but this isn’t the case in Nordic countries. Since the daisy flower was pictured with Freya, the goddess of love, in Nordic mythology, it’s instead associated with sensuality, maternal strength, and fertility, making it the perfect gift for mothers.


There may be more expensive and rare flowers than daisies, but its own characteristics make it widely loved worldwide! Like the daisy flower, we must stand firm, our roots deeply planted to the Earth as a people of this world. Just because you don’t show a display of strength doesn’t mean you are weak—as with the fragile-looking daisy, anyone has the inner strength to help them move forward in their lives.

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