Rose among the Thorns: The Qualities of a Great Florist

by Robert Canning on May 27, 2022

Finding the right florist to tend to your upcoming event's flower arrangements can be challenging. Besides the fact that all the flora needs to match the whole theme of the gathering, it also needs to captivate the guests as a whole.

That being said, it is the event organiser's responsibility to find the right flower shop; the right florist for the job.

The question is, "how?"

In such a case, you may take note of the following tips and recommendations below.

1. Know Their Specialty

Each and every florist has their specialisation and style when it comes to making flower arrangements. Some are exceptionally skilled at flower bouquets, while others have the capability to work wonders with wedding flowers.

You may also find those who are best suited to making flower basket arrangements, while some are experts in flower displays.

Consequently, you ought to be able to see whether or not they are capable of doing what you need them to do.

2. Know the Quality of Their Work

Always be it bouquets or flower basket arrangements, you should be able to see the work of the florist first-hand. This is important because you don't want to be stuck with the results you don't like.

How can you know if their work is of good quality?

Just take a look at the previous clients' testimonials. It is best to contact them to know more about their experiences with the florist as well. If a majority of them are pleased with the results, you may give it a go.

3. See What's Unique in Their Flower Arrangements

You may have seen a lot of flower arrangements in the past, but have you ever found a florist that is able to do things differently? That would be a good florist to hire.

It is best to hire a florist who has a distinct style and is able to transform it in the arrangement. If you are not able to find one, try to find one who has the capacity to work together with you as the organiser.

This is because you are the event organiser and you will be the one who knows what you want, right?

4. Ensure That Their Services Are Affordable

There is no need to spend a lot on your flower arrangements. The point here is to make sure that you will get the best services at a reasonable price.

After all, being too pricey means that you have to have a huge budget for it. If you are holding a small event, then you may consider looking for a florist who is not too expensive.

You could also ask for the pricing beforehand. If the asking price is too much for you, you should be able to discuss the kind of budget you have.

5. Ensure That They Have a Reliable Delivery Service

Ensure that the florist you hire is reliable when it comes to delivery. This is important because you don't want the flowers to arrive late. You must also see to it that the flowers are in good condition when they arrive.


Picking a florist is never an easy task, but with these tips and recommendations, you should be able to find the right one to hire.

In addition to ensuring that your wedding or event's flowers stand out from the rest, you must also determine whether or not the flower shop you hire is both reliable and affordable.

Take note of our pointers above and make your upcoming event more memorable than ever.

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