The MBTI Type That Will Appreciate Each of Our Flowers

by Robert Canning on August 06, 2021

Flowers are a wonderful gift to either receive or give. But what makes it so much more special is the intention and meaning behind each flower. In the old days, people used to send flowers to convey messages and let the receiver know what they think of them.

That said, it adds so much more layer to the thought and intention when knowing which flower to send to certain types of people based on their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Here is a list of the perfect flower for different MBTI types:

Peonies for ESFJ

ESFJs, also known as caregivers or the consul, are warm, compassionate, and caring people. They know how to best and serve those around them and also genuinely enjoy doing it. They’re very socially conscious people who thrive in group environments. The peony is the perfect flower for these individuals as it represents compassion, friendship, and love.

Roses for ENTJ

The leaders and commanders—ENTJs. These are people who know how to work a crowd simply by being their charming selves. People sometimes find ENTJs a bit intimidating because of their strong charisma and confidence. Their ambition leads them to have a preference for the finer things in life—classic and luxurious things. This is why roses are the perfect flower for them; they are bold, romantic, and a timeless classic.

Orchids for ENTP

Some of the most curious and creative individuals you will encounter are ENTPs. They are talented speakers and gifted conversationalists. You’ll never have a dull moment with them. They are people who value knowledge and exploring all the different possibilities that life has to offer. They are as magnificent and enchanting as the orchid. Similar in the way they catch people’s attention and leave them curious to know more about them.

Eustomas for ISFP

ISFPs are artistic and interesting people. They view the world in such a positive, colourful, and inspiring way. They’re observant, easy-going, and friendly, which is what attracts people to them. They find beauty in everything around them. The eustoma flower is a lot like ISFPs, in their shared beauty, warmth, and kindness.

Hydrangeas for INFP

The strongest mediators and idealists in any room are the INFPs. They are people who are highly driven by value and choose to see the best in everyone. They express themselves through art and their ideas, often quieting a room more with their brilliance than a loud voice. The effect they have on people is similar to Hydrangeas, sparking dreaminess and emotion whenever people see them.

Tulips for INTP

Creative geniuses and problem solvers, INTPs are some of the most resourceful, inventive, and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. They look at the world in such a unique way that others may have a hard time relating to or understanding them. But when push comes to shove, they are the ones that can help the most with their inventive ways and unique thinking. 

Tulips are best suited for these people because of how vibrant and prosperous they are, much like the value that INTPs bring to the people around them.


When it comes to sending flowers, the thought is just as important as the flower itself. By knowing the best flowers suited to different personality types, you can be better prepared and more thoughtful of what you’re sending. It is such a special feeling to receive flowers with more than just one meaning to them. If you want to send your love and thoughts to a person, flowers with all their different meaning and symbols attached are the best way to do it.

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