Flower Power: The Importance of Sending Flowers to People

by Denis Canning on May 28, 2021

Everyone will either send or receive a bouquet at least once in their life. Flowers are almost always present in many important life events to bring life to an event or comfort someone. There is no denying the power of a good floral arrangement. 

If you’ve ever been curious about how flowers affect people, read on. We’re going to talk about how the practice of giving flowers came about and the science behind it.

The Science of the Benefits of Flower Giving 

A study from Rutgers University showed that there is a link between flowers and emotional health. It found that flowers tend to leave an immediate impact when people receive them. They can incite positive emotions and create excellent and intimate connections with people more than most gifts out there is out there. 

Why are Flowers a Great Romantic Gesture?

Giving flowers as a romantic gesture has been a practice since ancient times. Red roses remain the universal symbol of romantic love because they were the flowers of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Red tulips and red chrysanthemums are also two incredible options for romantic love. There is something about the rich colour of red that ignites a fiery passion, make it a worthy symbol for great romantic desires. 

On the flip side, there are plenty of flowers that can symbolise spite. Dandelions and yellow chrysanthemums are not the best date night choices, but they can still make excellent gifts.

Why Do People Send Flowers to Funerals? 

Flowers have the ability to ignite solid feelings and give immense comfort to those who need them. Flowers can comfort those who are mourning their loss. It can be a sign that the deceased were respected in life and are greatly remembered after death, which is why people often throw flowers at caskets when they’re being buried. 

One of the most popular choices in funerals are lilies, which have a pure white that shows reverence and respect for the dead. 

Every Occasion that Uses Flowers 

Flowers are also celebratory symbols given to those who have reached important milestones in their lives. There are plenty of things that can celebrate these things, but none of them does quite as well as flowers.

Some students get a bouquet after graduation, especially if they graduate with high marks. Flowers are also good gifts for birthday markers such as the 16th, the 21st, and the 60th. They are commonly found in weddings and wedding anniversaries too. A lovely bouquet is also a congratulatory symbol for the contestants in shows or performers after a successful opening night. 


Flowers are a well-revered symbol for many things in different occasions for a lot of cultures. Whether it’s to celebrate something extraordinary or mark something as an important day in time, they become more than just decorations because they are wrapped with sentimental value. 

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