The History Behind the Flower: Why Are Roses Romantic?

by Robert Canning on September 10, 2021

We may be divided by our beliefs, opinions, and cultures, but one thing unites us all—love. A feeling that transcends logic and words, love is one of the many things that humans worldwide share. 

Indeed, there is no greater power than love—cliche as it may sound, it could never be more accurate. Once you experience the subtle warmth of the feeling enveloping you, it can heal your old wounds and cleanse your heart of any negativity.

The wonderful thing about love is that it can be expressed in many different ways. A hug, a kiss, a longing stare—the world is filled with countless ways to convey our love to each other. Anything can be a gesture of love; all it takes is for one person to understand the intent behind your actions or words. 

Indeed, the world is filled with opportunities to communicate this delicate feeling. But, among the countless expressions of love, why are roses among the most recognisable symbols of love?

The Enduring Symbol of Love and Romance

Love can take many forms; sometimes, it can come in a sincere smile or a grand gesture. However, there’s probably no more romantic expression of love than with a beautiful bouquet of roses. 

There is no question; red roses are the most romantic flowers in the world—they have captured the minds of the hearts of couples across the globe, their meaning lasting for generations. Even a single stem of a red rose holds so much meaning. You don’t have to say “I love you” outright; simply presenting someone with a beautiful rose is enough to make up for the words left unsaid.

The world is full of beautiful flowers and luscious greenery, and the red rose is only one among countless others. Wouldn’t it be nice to explore the history of how the red rose came to be a universal expression of romance?

The Story of the Red Rose

The history of the red roe spans hundreds of thousands of years across multiple countries. In Roman mythology, wealthy Romans were observed to prefer red roses to associate with beauty and love. The goddesses love bathing in roses to pamper their bodies, and others fill their bed-chambers with its petals because of the pleasant smell it gives.

In the eastern side of the world, many cultural beliefs and traditions link these flowers with love and romance. The Chinese have their own legends and ideas, but they are related to love and romance, just like the eastern culture. 

The ancient Arabs also referred to red roses as romantic symbols. They believed that the red rose yields a literal effect on their heart. Their tale of the nightingale further expressed the intense love and romance that the red rose implies.


Like the universal understanding of love, the red rose is also widely accepted as the symbol of romance. Whether you’re gifting 10-year anniversary flowers or a single stem to express your love, the red rose is enough to get the message across and tell your lover how deeply you feel for them.

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