The Distinctive Symbolisms of Wedding Flowers

by Robert Canning on June 25, 2021

They say that picture expresses a thousand words. While this has been used by many to emphasise the power of photographs, many overlook the most organic conveyor of messages given by nature—flowers.

The colours, shapes, and natural formations of their stems and petals can be a great way to showcase how you feel towards another person. It’s no wonder why flowers are deemed as one of the most in-demand parts of weddings. 

Aside from the wonderful aesthetics that they provide, they also inhibit the message and symbolism of love and unity that the married couple would share for years to come.

Symbolisms on a Stem

In one way or another, wedding flowers are capable of conveying messages through symbolism, which is defined as a representation of a specific idea. Even a simple bouquet can convey a deeper meaning, so long as you know what each flower stands for. 

You may want to take note of the following meanings and interpretations of their symbolisms for future reference, all gathered below:


Hydrangeas represent the meaning of commitment. Utilised in ancient Japan, they were given as gifts for loved ones who feel that they’ve been neglected by their significant others, especially those who serve as soldiers for the emperor. Based on its history, we can also attribute it to the message of empathy and perseverance.


This flower is more about the expression of joy. It’s only natural for us to wish couples a prosperous and happy life ahead, so it’s no wonder why gardenias are usually present in wedding celebrations and reception parties. 

Do not mistake joy with endless fun and excitement, however, as these flowers also express calmness and intimacy—perfect for when couples need to relax from their everyday lives.


Dahlias also strongly express the message of commitment. They’re identified by their elegant and graceful blooms that stand out, even amongst a crowd of other bouquets.

 If you’re not convinced about its symbolism of commitment yet, wait until you hear about its other hidden meaning—the bonding of souls. This alone would be enough for it to make the wedding decorations list, but its affordability has made it constantly in demand by many wedding planners.


Peonies may come in many different colours, but their overall message is the same—prosperity and honesty within a relationship. People are often drawn to the lighter colours, but even the darker ones are elegant enough to make the list of wedding bouquets and decorations.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies directly translate to “magnificent beauty,” so is it any wonder why it would make it to your wedding bouquets? They’re also known to represent the symbolism of gratitude, admiration, and innocence, a quality that the married couple would greatly appreciate from each other.


Wedding flowers are an excellent way to lighten up the mood and prepare everyone for a grand celebration that signifies the unity of two loving people. Varied as they may be, they express the eternal meaning of love, loyalty, honesty, admiration, and respect that the couple has for one another. 

If you want to familiarise yourself with the symbolism of flowers for future wedding attendances, take a couple of pointers from the examples above and impress the newlyweds and guests with your extensive knowledge of their meanings and interpretations.

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