The Best Flowers for Every Wedding Anniversary Milestone

by Robert Canning on September 24, 2021

So, you have a loved one who’s celebrating their wedding anniversary and you thought of sending them flowers. That’s a thoughtful idea! But wait, what type of flowers should you send them? You might be surprised that there is actually a flower for certain wedding anniversary “milestones.” 

Carnation for the First Wedding Anniversary

Carnations are the best type of flowers to give to a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The flower represents love, affection, and loyalty, which are ideal for newlyweds. 

You can find different colors of carnations, but if you want to be extra romantic, go for the red ones. 

Sunflowers for the Five-Year Mark

Who doesn’t feel happy when they see sunflowers? In the fifth year of marriage, sunflowers represent loyalty and adoration because they’re always turned towards the sun. 

Daffodils for a Decade of Togetherness

A tenth wedding anniversary is a huge milestone, and the best flowers to use for this occasion are daffodils. The vibrant color of daffodils symbolises new beginnings as the couple enters a new stage of their lives together—having completed 10 years. 

Roses for 15 Years

For many, roses are the most romantic type of flower. Now, if someone has been in a 15-year marriage, then there’s romance right there. So, what better flower to give them than roses, right? You can choose many colours when it comes to roses and place them all in a crystal vase, and you get a winning combination. 

Iris for Silver Wedding Anniversary

Being with someone for 25 years is a big deal. In fact, this is often referred to as a silver wedding anniversary and many couples celebrate this by having a ceremony similar to a wedding to renew their vows. However, it isn’t mandatory, but it only shows how special this year is for married couples. 

Irises are perfect flowers for this wedding milestone. Perhaps, you can pair it with jewelry for an even awesome combination. 

Lilies for 30 Years

Lilies represent devotion and rebirth, which is perfect for celebrating everything you’ve been through together. It’s also a symbolic flower of the 30th wedding anniversary. 

Yellow Roses and Violets for the Golden Wedding Anniversary

If you’re lucky to be a part of someone’s golden wedding anniversary, then you should give them yellow roses that represent a strong love as the couple enters their golden years together. These flowers represent two people coming together in perfect harmony. 

Thoughtful Anniversary Flowers for Your Loved Ones

Whether you’re sending flowers to a family member, a friend, a boss or anyone you know, knowing the different types of flowers to send for each wedding anniversary milestone is important. Your gift will be more thoughtful than ever that the couple will definitely appreciate when you know this. You only need to make sure you get the best quality of flowers in beautiful arrangements because they will be sent to someone very special to you who is also celebrating an important milestone in their relationship. So, find the best flower supplier to get your desired results. 

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