From Birthdays to Funerals: The Best Flowers for Every Occasion

by Robert Canning on October 22, 2021

When looking for the perfect flowers for different occasions, it’s perfectly natural to feel confused. There are so many elements to take into account! Whether you’re looking to send flowers to your SO or you need to delegate the task of greeting your boss, it’s important to have a solid understanding of floral etiquette. There are so many unique occasions in life where flowers are the perfect gift. 

Here’s a quick guide on the best kinds of flowers to give, depending on the occasion. 


Are you thinking of giving flowers to someone celebrating their birthday? That’s a beautiful idea! Usually, pink flowers are the choice for girls, while blue is for boys. 

When it comes to the type of flower, you can never go wrong with orchids, roses, carnations, and daisies. 

Hospital Visit

If you’re visiting someone at the hospital, flowers are a great gift to brighten the room and their day. White lilies and carnations are great options, but you can also get them orchids. In some parts of the world, chrysanthemums are often used as they symbolise support or encouragement to get well soon. 


A bouquet of flowers can never go wrong at weddings. Regardless of the wedding theme, flowers will always be suitable. If you’re going to a modern-themed wedding, you can go for bright-coloured flowers, such as daisies, tulips and orchids. 

You can also opt for roses that will work well for both modern and traditional weddings. 


Funerals are sad occasions, and flowers can be consoling at this time. Flowers like white roses, gladioli, orchids and carnations go well for this type of event. In fact, carnations have long been known as a symbol of grief, deep sorrow, sadness, love and loyalty. With that, it has long been the flower of mourning. 

Mother’s and Father’s Day

Unsure what to give your parents? Consider giving them flowers on these special occasions. You can choose tulips, roses, daffodils and sunflowers. 

Valentine’s Day

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or read the word Valentine’s Day? Naturally, images of hearts and flowers, specifically roses, will come to mind. The shades of reds and pinks symbolise passion that roses have that makes them ideal for this occasion. 

On the other hand, you can also give other types of flowers, such as hyacinths, tulips, orchids and carnations that carry a bright and lovely feeling around them. With that, if you’re looking for alternative Valentine’s Day flowers, you know which to choose.

New Baby

Flowers also symbolise life, and when it comes to welcoming a new baby into a family, you can offer your warmest wishes through flowers. Stick to traditional colours that match the gender of the new baby, such as large pink roses that are complemented with smaller flowers with various shades. 

Get the Right Flowers 

There are some flowers that go with every occasion. Other flowers will go with just one or two occasions. And still, others will go with just one particular occasion. It is important to know which ones belong in each category so that you can come prepared for each social situation that arises. 

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