The Specific Flowers to Give Your Spouse Each Wedding Anniversary

by Robert Canning on December 31, 2021

Determining an appropriate wedding anniversary gift can be tricky. For example, some years traditionally have unique gifts, such as black diamonds in the 40th year of marriage, wood in the 10th, and so on. Look at the traditional anniversary gifts associated with significant milestones to find a present for your spouse.

First Anniversary - Rose

Roses are a very popular flower because of their strong association with love and romance. The rose has also come to represent the female gender and is a good choice for an anniversary gift if you are celebrating your anniversary with your wife.

Second Anniversary - Orchid

The orchid, the flower of the love goddess, is a good choice for your second wedding anniversary because it symbolises the growth and maturity of your relationship.

Third Anniversary - Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is the traditional flower of the Chinese Empress and is often given to the more dignified members of the family, such as parents and grandparents.

Fourth Anniversary - Carnation

The carnation is a traditional flower for the fourth wedding anniversary because of the colour crimson, and the word carnation is Latin for flesh-coloured. In addition, the flower is often used in weddings and is also sometimes known as a pink flower.

Fifth Anniversary - Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy represents happiness and is ideal for the fifth wedding anniversary. This is also a flower often used as a welcome or thank you gift.

Sixth Anniversary - Tulip

The tulip represents true love and happiness and is a popular choice for an anniversary gift. This is also a popular flower for brides and bridesmaids.

Seventh Anniversary - Lily

Like the rose, the lily is sometimes given to a woman. The Lily has three meanings in Australia, traditionally given to people born in December. The first meaning is perfect beauty, the second is perfect love, and the third is perfect wife.

The Lily is also associated with the Virgin Mary and is used by the Roman Catholic church in many rituals. Although it is a religious symbol, you can incorporate the flower into your wedding by making a bouquet of lily flowers, especially if you are having a religious ceremony.

Eighth Anniversary - Bouquet of wildflowers

The bouquet of wildflowers is not commonly used for a specific anniversary but has risen in popularity in recent years. The bouquet can be found in various colours, and it can be pretty inexpensive to purchase.

Ninth Anniversary - Hydrangea

A bouquet of hydrangea is a good choice for the ninth wedding anniversary because the flower is sometimes known as a "memory flower." Just as the flower will live long after other flowers in your garden have died, your love will live on.

Tenth Anniversary - Ikebana

Several flowers are appropriate for the tenth wedding anniversary, including the iris and the orchid. One traditional offering is ikebana, a Japanese arrangement that can be given as a present.

Alternatively, you may also gift your spouse wood, which represents the earth, a traditional symbol of the tenth wedding anniversary.


A bouquet is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your spouse because it will last well after the wedding day is over. A bouquet can also be used to make a wedding ceremony even more special and can be incorporated into other aspects of your wedding day.

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