Some Special Occasions That Call for a Flower Bouquet

by Robert Canning on July 22, 2022

One of the finest gifts you could give someone is flowers. It's a traditional way of showing affection and care, and many people still enjoy receiving them. Besides, there's a flower for every occasion, whether a joyous event like one's birthday or anniversary or a sad occasion like passing away.

However, before you contact a florist and set floral arrangements, you must identify first what kind of flower bouquet you should send based on the occasion. In this article, check the following list and choose your preferred flower bouquet for each special day.


Of course, who would forget to send flowers on one's birthday? It's usual to receive presents and messages from family and friends. But when it comes to gifting, it's best to send flowers as they show that you're sharing in the celebrant's joy.

The perfect flowers you can give for this occasion are roses and gerberas as they are used for birthday bouquets. You can choose from classic roses to modern gerberas. A large bouquet is better as it shows the celebrant how important they are to you.


Anniversaries are always special because they mark the special day wherein two people are committed to each other. 

To express gratitude and commemorate that special day, sending anniversary flowers is the best thing you can do for your partner. It should be something that you can both appreciate.

The perfect flowers for anniversaries are peonies. These flowers are long-lasting and can be used for other occasions. If your partner is fond of roses, then you can also opt for roses on this special day as it's a flower that can be used for any occasion.

Get Well Wishes

Sending flowers to someone who's not well is an act of kindness. It can be either a personal or work colleague. The person may be unable to come to work, so sending flowers is a simple way to express your concern and well wishes.

The best thing you can give is a get-well bouquet with several flowers. You can opt for a sunflower bouquet because of its cheerful nature. Or, if you want something more unique and personalised, you can get a gerbera or rose bouquet.

Love Proposals

Proposing to a loved one is a serious move in a relationship. It's a declaration of love, and presenting flowers will show how serious you are about your partner. Besides that, flowers also show how much you appreciate your partner and love them.

You can opt for something simple like a bunch of roses or something that shows your creativity. You can give a floral arrangement such as orchids in a vase. It's good to bring a bouquet because it's a perfect accessory for your proposal.

Final Thoughts

These are just some occasions that you can send flowers. Of course, there are other occasions such as celebrating a baby, an anniversary of a pet's death, or a service to a loved one. If you want something more personalised, you can also think about sending funeral flowers or sympathy flowers.

However, always remember that your flowers should match the occasion. Choose the right flower bouquet that the recipient will appreciate and will be an addition to their celebration.

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