The Beauty of Flowers: Sending Them as Get-Well Gifts

by Robert Canning on June 10, 2022

Thinking of sending a get-well gift to a loved one? Flowers might be one of the best gifts you can send them. After all, flowers have a positive effect on one’s mental health. Receiving one helps reduce stress and anxiety, encourage positive emotions, and put people in a pleasant mood. Overall, they play a significant role in any individual’s health and healing.

However, you can’t just contact an express flower delivery and give them as is. Sending get-well flowers is more than that. This is because you need to consider other things when you send a bouquet of blooms to your loved ones. These include:

Choosing Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance Flowers

Since your loved one is likely stressed and in low spirits, you might want to choose a flower that they can enjoy for a longer time. After all, this is the time when they need to heal and recover, so taking care of flowers will be an added chore for them. Furthermore, if they last long, your loved ones get to take them home and appreciate their beauty more.

Asking the Patient What Flowers They Are Allergic to

This is extremely crucial before making a flower bouquet delivery. There can be instances where the patient is allergic to certain types of flowers, and the likelihood of this happening is very high. If you find yourself in this situation, opt for hypoallergenic blooms. Common examples of these are sunflowers, daffodils, orchids, and roses.

Picking Out Flowers with Happy and Bright Colours

When making a get well flowers delivery, be sure to pick out ones with bright colours as this can help cheer them up while they’re in the process of recovery. The colours you can consider for your bouquet can be yellow, orange, red, and pink.

Opting for Smaller Arrangements Instead of Larger Ones

Sending a large flower arrangement to a loved one might make them extremely happy. However, they might have a problem with where they can place your get-well gift. In this kind of situation, a smaller arrangement will suffice over larger ones. Just make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the room or get in the way of people entering the room.

Adding Other Get-Well Gifts Aside from Flowers

Since flowers are among the top get-well gifts, you can add other things to the list. You can, for example, send them greeting cards or letters with messages of encouragement. If they are children, teddy bears or colouring books can be a great addition as they can play with them while they're alone. You can also ask the delivery service to add balloons to the bouquet for an added touch of design.

The Bottom Line

No matter what kind of flowers or gift you send to someone during their recovery, always make sure to consider their feelings during the process of picking them out. In this way, they’ll appreciate how you thought of them in the process. Besides, these well-thought gifts have a positive impact on their emotions, which helps in speeding up their process of recovery.

If you’re making a flower delivery to a hospital, contact us at Upscale and Posh. We’re always here to help you out with your get-well flower and gift needs.


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