What to Consider When Sending Flowers to an Ex after a Breakup

by Robert Canning on July 15, 2022

You broke up with your partner recently, and you’re considering sending flowers to apologise for how things ended. You want to convey that you still care without being pushy or making them feel pressured. 

Unfortunately, there is no clear etiquette for giving flowers as a gift once an intimate relationship has ended. People use them to say they’re sorry after a fight or a bad day; however, there is a fine line between saying “I’m sorry” when you’re in a meaningful relationship and saying “I’m sorry” once you’ve broken up with someone.

Should You Send Flowers or Not?

Some say sending a flower to an ex is inappropriate because it makes it more difficult for both parties to move on. They say you should fight for your relationship to figure out whether it’s worth fixing or not. If you think you made a mistake by ending the relationship, then it makes sense to try to try to fix things.

We’ve seen it lots of times in movies, and we’ve seen it more than a few times in real life. The protagonist can send dozens of roses to the girl’s door or place of work, but the result is never a romantic reconciliation.

If you want to mend the relationehip, show up at your partner’s home or place of work yourself. They may be surprised that you’re standing at her door, but she will probably feel thankful; if they don’t, at least they’ll feel flattered.

When Should I Send Flowers to an Ex?

Breakups occur for many different reasons. Plan out what you want to say to her. You made a mistake, believe it’s fixable, or wish you had handled your break-up differently. While you want to tell her how much she means to you, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking aloud, you may write out your thoughts and give her a letter. Both are powerful.

This is oour advice on how to know when to send flowers based on the length of your relationship:

  • Five dates or less: Flowers can be a risky present, but it’s not a big deal after just a few dates. If you are unsure of the relationship status between you, don’t the situation is likely seeing someone else or breaking up with you. Flowers might make both of you feel worse. However, if you feel like you want to send flowers, there is no harm in doing so.
  • Less than one Year: After a few months of dating, getting flowers was becoming more commonplace. If you were serious about someone, flowers would still be lovely.
  • More than one year: Although it has been more than a year since you’ve dated your ex, sending her flowers along with a thoughtful card will make her remember the closeness you felt. The odds are that you spent much time together and grew close.


Your relationship may not have worked out as you hoped or planned, but it’s not the end of the world. Your ex will be okay, and you can still be friends (if you want to be). Remember that everything will pass, and everything neds to be celebrated, whether good or bad.

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