Scandi-Design For Spring: Plants, Flowers, Light and Space

by Robert Canning on June 24, 2020

Scandinavian design and hyggeTake inspiration from Scandinavian design and hygge with our handy guide.

Scandinavian design is a trend that has been around a long time, and yet, it never goes out of style.

At a time we are at home much more, a trend that helps keep things fresh, simple and beautiful couldn’t be more apt, or helpful.

There’s a lot we can all learn from the Nordic respect for such functionality and simplicity.

To help you take advantage of this incredible design philosophy, we’re going to talk you through the core features, and how to use them to inspire your home decor:

The History Of Scandinavian Design

1915 is thought of as the beginning of Nordic Design. It is when a Danish company launched a magazine called Skonvirke which means “Graceful Work”.

It came out at a time when art and design seemed to be only for the elite and the rich in the form of Art Nouveau. The magazine offered something for the lower classes, showcasing local crafts and arts.

Over the next 15 years, this magazine and many other pioneering designers and artists showcased a more accessible form of design - Art Deco. Art Deco is thought to be the movement that enveloped Nordic Design in some shape or form.

In the 30’s, it truly took the limelight, as part of all kinds of fantastic design and art movements. Pieces still iconic in design today were created during this time.

In the 50’s it went worldwide because of a travelling exhibition which later led to the term ‘Scandinavian Design’ being created. Over the years it merged with Danish design, Finnish design, Icelandic design, Norwegian design and Swedish design to encompass a vast umbrella of incredible contributions and style guidelines.

Today, Scandinavian design is more popular than ever, enabling us all to connect with a more beautiful and straightforward way of life.

Core Principles Of Scandinavian Design 

Core Principles Of Scandinavian DesignScandinavian design is a combination of needs and aesthetics. It is about simplicity and a sense of calm, enabling even the most chaotic of homes to be functional and beautiful. Here are the core principles:

No Clutter

    Everything should have a purpose: no crowding or tat, low-quality temporary fixes or unwanted objects. Everything is chosen to be loved, used and to look gorgeous.

    Craftsmanship forms a considerable part of this principle. What you buy is designed to last for a long time, and so, local craftsmanship is something that is to be valued. You may pay a little more for something, but you will have it for longer, and it is much more functional and desirable as a result.

    Lots Of Light

      As much light as you can get into your home. Think floor to ceiling windows, roof lights and no blinds or netting to dull the light coming in.


      Upscale & Posh Double Stemmed OrchidUpscale & Posh Double Stemmed Orchid Available For Flower Delivery Dubai

      Nature forms a considerable part of Scandi-design in many different ways. Lots of stripped back wood, simple flooring and furniture. Lots of white, clean walls and simple pallets. Plants, like our online flowers Dubai double stem orchid, aroids and cacti also naturally compliment the space.

      Plant-tuber Planterina has a great video on styling with plants in small spaces if you’re looking for inspiration.

      Pops Of Colour

      Pops Of Colour Although the colour isn’t a necessity of Scandinavian design, it features in modern versions of the decor style. White walls, natural tones and materials and mixed textures create an excellent base for bold, beautiful splashes of colour. Bright plant pots, cushions, books or blankets can break up an otherwise potentially flat decor palette. Pastels, like those in our beautiful Harmony bouquet available for flower delivery Dubai, are commonly seen as a gentle introduction of colour to a Scandinavian aesthetic. 

      Beautiful Harmony bouquetUpscale & Posh Harmony Bouquet

      The Benefits Of Scandinavian Design

      The Benefits Of Scandinavian DesignScandinavian design in the home brings many benefits to the whole family. Here are just a few benefits of Scandinavian design:

      More Space

      Less clutter and more considered furniture mean that the whole family enjoys more space. We all pay so much money for every square foot of property; it makes sense to make the most of it all.

      More Space

      A connection to nature is beneficial in so many ways. It makes us feel happier, and it is known to help with mental health issues, to help reduce blood pressure - the benefits are endless. With large windows giving us views of the outdoors, and plants and flowers UAE forming part of the decor, we’re getting that little bit of nature inside.


      Natural light is a mood booster and is especially important during modern times when we are all exposed to blue light on electronic devices so much. Your circadian rhythm can work as it should more with the introduction of more light, as well as vitamin D is generated in the body. 


      Using plants like our attractive range of orchids available for flower delivery in the home means you get cleaner air. Plants like orchids remove toxins from the air like formaldehyde, and they release more oxygen at night. By utilising plants and online flowers Dubai in your decor, you not only get beautiful natural ornaments but a better indoor breathing environment for the whole family.

      More Money

      As such a huge part of Scandinavian design is investing in long-lasting pieces, and buying less, you should save money long-term. You’re buying fewer items overall, and what you do buy won’t need replacing in a few months or a year.

      How To Include Scandinavian Design In Your Home

      How To Include Scandinavian Design In Your HomeIf you are inspired by Scandinavian design and want to include it in your home, there are many ways that you can without needing any special skills.

      Here are three steps you will want to take to transform your home into a Scandinavian haven:

      Step One

      Scandinavian haven
      Declutter & Strip Back

      The first thing you need to do is create a blank space to play with. You need to get rid of all the items that mean nothing, that do not work or that actively take away from the function of the space.

      You will need to make some tough decisions. A great way to make it easier is to have a goal like raising money for a holiday by selling your items. Or, you could be raising money for a charity, which gives you even more reason to sell more and own less.

      During this process, try to be as eco-friendly as you can. Recycle, a gift to a charity and avoid taking anything to contribute to the landfill as much as you can. 

      Step Two 

      Prepare & DesignPrepare & Design

      Now you have cleared your space you have a blank canvas. You could be creative and just ‘go for it’ with your design but, Scandinavian design tends to call for more consideration. Ideally, you can spend time planning your decor.

      Start by browsing Pinterest and Instagram, creating a mood board of what you like. You should start to see themes in the way of textures, shapes and colours. You will want to ensure all wood tones are the same, or all metal tones are the same. Ensure that shapes are simple, that textures are layered in a considered way.

      Playing with levels and numbers is also an essential part of this kind of design. The rule of three is a great rule, including playing with different levels.

      For example, maybe you have a flower delivery which includes some fresh plants. Arranging three together, all on different sized stands will stop your display being flat. Instead, it adds interest and draws the eyes to different levels of contrasting aesthetic.

      When it comes to colours, start with a base neutral tone, and then pick one or two complementary colours or hues to sit on top of that tone. You can then choose different textures and materials within those tonal ‘guidelines’.

      Remember to set a budget. You can spend a lot on new items, or well-made thrift items if you have a good eye for quality pieces.

      Step Three


      This is the exciting bit! Now you get to make your home the beautiful Scandinavian paradise you have carefully prepared for.

      We certainly recommend that you do start with a minimal area of the home to experiment with your designs. Alternatively, you can make small changes to your home design as you have the time or money to do so.

      Whether you go at full speed or take your time, the important part of this process is actually in the future. It is about the future decisions you make and the habits you form.

      You can instantly destroy a gorgeous Scandinavian aesthetic with clutter. You can ruin your carefully cultivated minimalist design with too many new items purchased during a sale.

      To ensure your designs stay looking beautiful, it is so important that you not only create a gorgeous home now, but you start forming new habits to keep that design long-term.

      You can get some handy tips on forming the habit of decluttering here.

      Let’s Not Forget About Hygge…

      Upscale & Posh Tall Lilies BouquetUpscale & Posh Tall Lilies Bouquet Available For Flower Delivery Dubai

      Hygge has always been part of Scandinavian design, but only recently has it become more of a trend. Luckily, it is quite a welcome trend, and one everybody should try to include more of.

      It is pronounced ‘huh-geh’, and it is all about being cosy, comfy, content and feeling content. It has been interpreted in many different ways and can be applied to decor and unique moments. Most of us can benefit from combining those two things to create the perfect ‘Hygge’ moment.

      In The Home

      In the home, Hygge can be implemented by creating lots of special ‘areas’. A cosy corner for reading with blankets and books, a table for eating dinner, complete with fresh flowers Dubai, and plenty of seats for everyone to join in. These are special areas that welcome people, that support those special moments shared with others, or simply shared with yourself on a rainy day.

      For Others

      Upscale & Posh Tulips Bouquet With VaseUpscale & Posh Tulips Bouquet With Vase

      Hygge is a great gift to give to others. Those you welcome into your home can enjoy your gorgeous, cosy corners and hot chocolates. But why not send some feelings of contentment elsewhere? Send flowers to Dubai online and plants to those you love. Using flower delivery Dubai gives them a little bit of love from afar and enables them to nurture their moment of nature in their home.

      For spring, we think our Tulip Plant Bouquet with Vase is the perfect Hygge gift to send to your loved ones. It’s fresh, seasonal, and when the flowers from the flower shop have finished, the vase continues to be a great minimalist and functional item for future use.

      “Craft makes our homes more human.” - Lisa Crawford

      We hope that our guide to Scandinavian design has inspired you. When we are all spending more time at home, it is great to welcome more space, more light and a more straightforward and more functional living environment.

      Would you like a head start, including fresh plants and flowers in your gorgeous Scandinavian design? 

      Or do you want to send some Hygge to a loved one? Take a look at our extensive range of beautiful bouquets and plants for delivery. We’re so happy to be helping you harness this stunning Scandinavian aesthetic.


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