Saying "I’m Sorry" with the Best Apology Flowers

by Robert Canning on July 29, 2022

Expressing your sincere apology is not only done through words and showy acts of contrition. It has to be genuine and honest. One way to show that you genuinely feel remorse for your actions is by giving apology flowers. You might not know it, but flowers have potent meanings and can easily express your apology.

Flowers are meaningful apology gifts because of the beautiful expressions of speech that can be derived from them. They can be poetic, eloquent, and even simple. For instance, some flowers like white roses symbolise love, purity and innocence, while others, like lilies, express purity, immortality and honour. With a little more knowledge, you can build your message with flowers. 

If you need help, this article will provide you with the most popular flowers used to express sorry and their different meanings.

What to Keep In Mind before Buying Apology Flowers

Before you dial the nearest flower delivery service in your area, you want to ensure that the flowers you buy will convey the message you want to send. In addition, you want the flowers to be beautiful enough to make an outstanding and long-lasting impression.

To make things easy, here are some of the most common apology flowers that you can choose from:


Hailed as one of the famous apology flowers because of their association with springtime and rebirth, tulips are handpicked and shipped in bunches. Their colourful and vibrant petals are usually arranged so they can quickly proclaim their message.

White tulips say thank you and can be used to express remorse. On the other hand, red tulips express admiration. The red tulips can be organised so that the stems form the letters of the words “I'm sorry.” You can also choose to send a single red tulip which simply means you are sorry for your actions. 


Known for prosperity and sophistication, orchids have long been used as a sign of apology. Its elegant and exotic appearance makes it a popular choice for those looking for flowers that stand out.

There are different varieties available today, the most common being the phalaenopsis or moth orchid. The black orchid is another flower you can send to express your sorrow for your action.


Of course, who could forget these classic flowers to say sorry? Handpicked and arranged in different ways, roses are one of the most popular flowers for indicating apology. Flower boutiques have probably recommended them as the easiest way to tell someone you are sorry.

However, when apologising, yellow roses should be your top choice. If you have wronged a lover, sending yellow roses is a grand gesture because of its association with friendship, admiration and kinship.

Final Thoughts

Buying apology flowers from a flower boutique should be your first step to winning back the person you have wronged. For a graceful gesture, you want to send the most beautiful flowers—not just any flowers. Choose from the above flowers, and you will be expressing your apology the best way.

Aside from that, you should also note the timing. The old saying that timing is everything is true when sending flowers. Ensure flower delivery arrives at the right time to make it more effective.

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