How To Say I’m Sorry Using the Language of Flowers

by Robert Canning on July 15, 2022

Flowers have a long fantastic, almost mystical ability to help people express or evoke an emotion in their hearts. This includes both giving and asking for forgiveness.

Apologising can be daunting at times. It's an open acknowledgement that you are to blame. Besides that, it is a request for forgiveness and a second chance to make amends to the offended individual. This is the most challenging period because of the possibility of rejection.

Flowers, thankfully, have a way of making horrible situations appear lighter and easier on the heart. Beautiful apology flower bouquets as peace offerings will enhance your heartfelt and compassionate apologies.

Here are some best flowers to use for saying I'm sorry:

1. Jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful and romantic flower that can be used for saying sorry. It is a classy option for apologising because it symbolises elegance, grace and purity. 

In addition, if you are apologising for something you did wrong or failed to keep your promise, jasmine is the flower to express your regret.

2. Orchids

Pure white orchids are not only a sign of beauty and wealth, but also of good intentions, honesty, and repentance. If you want to make up with a coworker or business partner but aren't sure about sending flowers because you don't want to send mixed messages, orchids are a great choice.

Orchid arrangements make great gifts for clients because they are simple, elegant, and tasteful. Both men and women can appreciate their beauty. Plus, they look naturally beautiful and can easily adapt to and thrive in an indoor setting, like an office.

3. Tulips

White tulips are often given as an "I'm sorry" flower because they remind people of spring and new beginnings. When you say you're sorry and give white tulips, it means you want to start over. 

Yellow tulips, on the other hand, are a sign of friendship, happiness, and being able to turn a frown upside down. If you hurt the feelings of a friend or family member, give them a bouquet of white tulips or a flower arrangement with yellow tulips.

4. Sunflowers

Even if you've done someone wrong, the happy sunflower can make them smile. Add some bright yellow or orange sunflowers to your "I'm sorry" message to make it a little more fun. In the Victorian flower language, a gift of sunflowers was also a sign of love.

Sunflowers are also thought to bring happiness and friendship. If you've done something wrong to a friend, giving them sunflowers shows that you're sorry and want to move on with joy. These summer bloomers are a great opportunity to show someone you care and want them to be happy.

5. Carnations

Carnations with lots of frills and fluff are a great way to say, "I really screwed up. Please forgive me." Pink carnations mean "I'll never forget you" in the language of flowers. This is a good message to send if you stood someone up or did forget their birthday, for example.

Yellow carnations mean disappointment, and red carnations mean that your heart hurts. If you've disappointed a friend, sending them a bouquet of carnations shows that you're thinking about them and won't do it again.


When you apologize, you want to show that you care, and using flowers is one of the best ways to do so. Thus, learning how to say I'm sorry in flower language is important because it shows that you want to improve your relationship and seek forgiveness and a second chance. 

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