Turning to Roses as a Form of Self-Care Amidst the Pandemic

by Robert Canning on March 25, 2022

Everyone has struggled with stress at some point in their lives, and the global COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. While the number of reported cases are declining in other nations, it is still very much an everyday threat. The pandemic’s impact on people’s worry and anxiety have added a new dimension to people’s daily lives. 

That’s why focusing on relieving stress through self-care has been a priority for many. You can do this by treating yourself or a loved one to flowers. While it may seem like a useless gesture, they have been shown to considerably lower stress levels and boost happiness. For instance, roses are great in relieving tension.

In the following paragraphs, find out how a rose (or a whole bouquet!) can be a beloved tool to your self-care.

Get Your Dose of Daily Happiness

Roses are a proven way to make everyone feel better during these difficult times, ensuring less stress and more happiness. If you’re feeling sad, buy yourself some roses to brighten your day and benefit from their natural stress-relieving properties.

Also, sending a nice bouquet of roses to your loved ones would not only cheer you up but will also show them that you care. Sending roses can be a terrific method to keep connected even if you’re not together.

Enhance Your WFH Setup

Finding innovative techniques to stay focused and productive is critical as remote working becomes more popular as a way to develop better social distancing. Roses can help you in a variety of ways. Their good effects are well documented, ranging from making your surroundings more beautiful to improving your mood.

Because roses are excellent at relaxing nerves, they allow people to remain focused and calm. This results in higher accuracy and quality of work. Making your office more welcoming will assist you in adjusting to the abrupt adjustment of working from home.

Make Your Mood Better

When it comes to your mood, the environment you’re in can have a big impact. It’s important to have a positive outlook in order to feel better, but the things that surround you are also crucial. Walking into a room where they are visible can instantly lift your spirits.

Boost Your Creativity

Flowers have been shown to boost concentration and creativity, as well as improve cognitive performance. Having brightly coloured flowers or creative arrangements in your home office or on your work desk is a great idea! Sunflowers, roses, and lilies are examples of bright flowers that can energise you.

Fresh flowers in your room would be ideal for people who are working from home as they can give you the creative boost you need. 

Greet Your Guests with Beauty

If you have frequent visitors, flowers can make them feel welcome while also demonstrating that you put forth the effort to prepare for the event. If you forget to tidy your house, the eye-catching flowers can divert their attention away from the mess. It doesn’t matter whether the flowers are placed in the hallway or on the dining table; your guests will undoubtedly be impressed and grateful.


The advantages of having flowers around have been well known for a long time. For instance, flowers in the home are known to alleviate stress-related depression in studies. It boosts a person’s mood and lowers stress levels. This is why people can always enjoy the gift of giving or being given by their favorite flowers.

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