Choosing the Right Flower for Every Season and Occasion

by Robert Canning on December 10, 2021

Flowers are ephemeral yet hold so much beauty and meaning. They remind people that there are only so many hours in this lifetime to tell our loved ones how we feel. For this reason, they are the perfect mediums for humans to express their emotions at any given time.

If you want to gift flowers to your loved ones but don’t want to give just any flower, you might want to look behind their meaning and make a bouquet holding a story of your feelings on a particular occasion. Below are just some of the common occasions you can use flowers to express your love.

Flowers to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

For your wedding, you can follow the wedding flower trend of the year if your wedding’s theme is stylish and modern. You can also check the meanings of the flowers commonly used in weddings such as peonies, which symbolise a happy marriage, prosperity, and good fortune.

You can also choose among roses (passionate love), amaryllis (love and determination), calla lilies (regal and elegant), gardenias (joy), and hydrangeas (perseverance and heartfelt emotion).

Confess Your Love with Flowers!

Yes, call it a cliche, but flowers on Valentine’s Day have never lost their impact (and they probably never will). It’s been a tradition among lovers to give each other flowers on Heart’s Day, and it’s as lovely a practise as ever.

The popular flowers on Valentine’s Day are, of course, roses. Did you know that different colour variants in roses convey different meanings? You have red roses for passion, white for chaste love, yellow for friendship, coral for desire, pink for admiration, and primroses for new love or new beginnings.

Give a Lovely Birthday Present that Holds a Special Message 

You can never go wrong with a beautifully arranged bouquet as a birthday present. For friends, the best floral gifts are the ones that include your recipient’s favourite blossoms. Florists usually put yellow roses in birthday bouquets because they represent friendship. 

If you don’t request a specific flower, they will fill it with other positive and delightful blossoms like pink carnations (gratitude), forget-me-nots (remember me forever), geraniums (comfort and true friendship), and jasmine (grace and elegance).

Make Your Mom Smile on Mother's Day

Have you noticed that no matter how many times you give your mom flowers on mother’s day, the act will always bring a big smile to her face? That leaves an uplifting feeling to both the receiver and the giver. Of course, you should give her favourites, but you can mix it up a little as well. 

Some of the popular Mother's Day bouquets have orchid flower arrangements, roses, and lilies. However, if you want to mix the flowers, you can ask your florist to make a spring bouquet with mixed blooms with her favourite flower in the middle. 

Make Your Christmas Gathering Memorable with These Winter Holiday Flowers

Your Christmas parties should have a joyous atmosphere and flowers are a great addition to the pretty fairy lights! You can place a floral arrangement consisting of red poinsettias (the blood of Christ), amaryllis (love and determination), Christmas roses (a gift for christ), holly (everlasting life), winter jasmine (gift from God, purity, and modesty), and narcissus (rebirth or renewal).


There are so many messages of love and appreciation you can compose through the language of flowers. Let everyone you love know how they are to you by sending them flowers every now and then—even on regular days like Saturdays. Remind them they are always cherished through these little gifts.

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