Can You Revive a Wilted Bouquet? Hint: Yes, You Can!

by Robert Canning on October 29, 2021

Bouquets are one of the best ways to show someone you're thinking about them. A lot of people get bored working on their flower arrangements and end up leaving them out too long, thus turning their beautiful vases into dying graveyards for dead flowers. 

You’ve spent money on flowers, so you expect to get at least another week’s worth out of them before the petals start falling apart. But if it’s been a week or two and your flowers are looking half dead, I have good news for you! Here are ways to revive a wilting bouquet: 

Recut the Stems

When you have a fresh bouquet in a vase and notice the stem drying out, you need to recut them. Otherwise, the flowers won’t be able to absorb the water and eventually die. 

Slice or cut an inch off the bottom at a 45-degree angle. Why? Cutting the stems straight will be flushed with the bottom of the vase; therefore, they will have difficulty absorbing the water. 

Use Warm Water

Skip the cold water and stick to warm water (not scalding hot!) instead. Doing so will open up the stems to ensure they’re getting sufficient water. Moreover, warm water will make it easier and quicker for it to move through the stems and clear any blockages that could prevent the water from being absorbed. 

Feed Them

Yes, your flowers need nutrients as well. You can feed them flower food, which comes in powder form. This will give your flowers the nutrients it needs to flourish longer.

You can even make your own; all you need are: 

  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • A drop of bleach

The sugar will serve as the actual food, lemon juice will lower the pH of the water to allow for better water absorption and the bleach can help prevent bacterial growth. 

Be Patient

Nourishing your bouquet requires a lot of patience. Remember, beauty takes some time. You may need to repeat the processes mentioned above to keep your flowers looking good and healthy for a longer time. 

What to Do When the Flowers Are Already Wilted? 

You will likely be tempted to throw away wilted flowers, but not just yet. You will be surprised that some flowers may still be revived—all it takes is some positivity. 

There are things to consider. For one, if you ordered flowers that come with buds that haven’t fully bloomed yet, then you might want to separate them and give them time to blossom. 

In the case that the flowers have already blossomed, but they look wilted, you can give them a bath. All you need to do is submerge the flowers in a bucket of lukewarm water for half an hour. This can help if the flowers are only dehydrated, which is why they look wilted. 

Cheers to a Healthier Bouquet That Can Last Longer

Sometimes bouquet arrangements, with the most vibrant of stems, can be spotted just beginning to wilt when you transfer them to a vase. Unless it's too late, you can quickly resuscitate the wilting bouquet with these tips. This only shows that you can still revive your bouquet even if they are wilting. So, don’t lose hope. There are techniques you can do to make your bouquet of flowers look good again. 

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