5 Reasons Why Flowers and Chocolates Make Great Gifts

by Robert Canning on March 18, 2022

Some would think that giving flowers and chocolates have become a cliche. That's not true. Flowers and chocolates remain timeless gifts for that special someone, no matter the occasion.

Over $20 billion was spent on Valentine's Day gifts in 2019, and $27.4 billion is expected to be spent on gifts in 2020. Chocolates and flowers still rank at the top of the list of favourite gifts people give on Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Mother's Day. 

Indeed, there is no stopping the chocolate and flower industries, as these gifts remain in our pop culture to show affection to significant people in our lives. 

This classic gift set pampers the senses and adds a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. Here are the five reasons flowers and chocolates make great gifts for any occasion:

1. They're a Classic Expression for Thoughtfulness

There's a reason why cut flowers are a GBP 30 billion global industry. Meanwhile, the global chocolate market was valued at GBP 33.32 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach GBP 46.084 billion by 2027. 

This shows that it's impossible to go wrong with the classic combination of chocolate and flowers. They are a universal expression of love and affection the world over. The ageless quality and thoughtfulness of chocolates and flowers make it an unbeatable tandem in the gift industry. 

2. They're Practical and Affordable Gift Options

It is simple to give flowers and chocolate as a present, and they are both practical and affordable options. The widespread availability of flowers and chocolates in supermarkets, florists, and even newsstands make it very accessible, especially for last-minute yet sure-fire gift ideas. 

In many cases, florists may provide chocolates as a "thank you" for placing an order with their company. To give a gift, you are not compelled to purchase your recipient's favourite flowers or the most costly chocolates currently available on the market. Even a single-stemmed rose can speak volumes, and a simple box of chocolates can warm any heart. 

3. They're Versatile for Any Occasion

Blooming bouquets and delicious chocolate are suitable gifts for any occasion, but they are particularly perfect for birthdays and anniversaries. 

Nonetheless, they can be given as a general "thank you" or a present to honour the birth of a child or the beginning of a new profession. They can be sent at any time of day, as long as the intended recipient receives them. They leave a lasting impressionーa special memory to savour over and over again.

4. They're Easy to Store and Transport

The combination of flowers and chocolates can be kept for as long as you like in a cool, dark place. You don't need to worry about your gift wilting or melting. You can get your flowers and chocolates delivered to your giftee, or you can be the one to hand-deliver them yourself.

Delivering them in person lets you make the most of the flowers and chocolates, giving you a chance to present your gift and partake in the recipient's joy. In any case, both flowers and chocolates are easy to store, with the latter can stay fresh for longer.

5. They Provide a Luxurious Experience

Even if you spend little, you can give your recipient a luxurious experience, especially if you give chocolates. Any other confection cannot replicate the delectable taste of real chocolate.

Whether you're giving the recipient chocolate with a hint of ginger, caramel, or coffee, the taste is incomparable. You can pair it with the added luxury offered by blossoms. More than adding colour to any space, it is also a breath of fresh air in the recipient's life.

Flowers and Chocolates Are the Perfect Gift Pairing

Flowers and chocolates make a great combination because they offer various combinations. This pairing affords you plenty of flexibility when it comes to budgeting your giftee's favourite flowers and chocolates, and presents you with plenty of room for personalisation.

The combination of flowers and chocolates is an iconic gift pairing that will never go out of fashion. This gesture is something that will always be perfect for every occasion.

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