The Reason Why the Red Rose Became the Symbol of Love

by Robert Canning on February 18, 2022

Red roses are the most romantic of all flowers. For special occasions, they are most commonly purchased in floral shops in simple, single stems or extravagant bouquets.

Indeed, Shakespeare incorporated this lovely blossom into his classic Romeo and Juliet. Numerous well-known and renowned poets and writers have also included the romantic connotation of red roses in their works. Even after centuries, the same red roses continue to be connected with love.

Here are the reasons why the red roses have been the timeless symbol of love:

1. Roses and the Romans

Roses were first cultivated in ancient Rome, and they then spread to different parts of Europe. The original roses grew in red and white colour. It is believed that the Roman people used to give red roses to their lovers. And hence, the red roses became the symbol of love.

2. Red Roses and Various Legends

They also hold a special place for their romantic mystique. One of the legends talks about the son of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Cupid, the son of Aphrodite, was an expert in making the love magic. He used red roses to win the heart of his love Psyche.

3. Red Roses and Shakespeare

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has connected the red roses with love. In the famous literary work, Romeo, the son of a wealthy Montague family, falls in love with Juliet. She is the daughter of the rival Capulet family. Romeo and Juliet finally unite in death at the end of the play.

4. Red Roses as a Gift

Red roses are a symbol of love and passion. It is one of the most romantic gifts for your loved one. The red roses are known to have the magical power to win the heart of your loveliest. If you gift your lover a bouquet of red roses, you can be sure to get the desired response.

5. Red Roses and Love

Red roses are often associated with passion. They are the symbol of love and romance, which is why red roses are given to the beloved with the true heart. They convey a message of love to the receiver. 

6. Roses as a Not-so-Secret Message

They have a wide variety of uses and meanings. Red roses can be used in religious ceremonies, festivals, homes, and other occasions. Apart from their immense religious and spiritual significance, red roses have an important place in the language of flowers, which dates back to the Victorian Era. In olden times, it was a common way of expressing “I love you” to a loved one.

7. Roses in Romantic Movies

Red roses have a special place in the movies. One of the most famous movies that feature red roses is Titanic. Rose Dawson (Kate Winslet) gifted a red rose to Jack Dawson (Leonardo Di Caprio) in the film.


Red roses have a special place in people's hearts around the world. The red roses are the source of happiness, joy, and pleasure. Therefore, give the particular person in your life a bouquet of red roses.

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