4 Common Questions About Sympathy Flowers Etiquette

by Robert Canning on April 01, 2022

There are times when flowers are the perfect way to convey your condolences. Receiving or sending a sympathy arrangement is one of the most caring things a friend or family member can do. 

Sympathy flowers are appropriate when you know and love the person who has died, when the death is unexpected or tragic, when you are grieving in silence, and when you can't attend the funeral.

While getting a sympathy arrangement is certainly kind, sending one is even more meaningful. Sending flowers lets the bereaved know that you share their sorrow, are thinking about them and wish to offer comfort.

The importance of showing your condolences through the appropriate use of sympathy flowers can’t be overstated. Emotional support starts with a kind gesture, and flowers are one of the most effective ways to express your sympathy for a death.

What to Consider When Sending Sympathy Flowers

1. Why are Sending Sympathy Flowers Important?

Flowers are among the most popular condolence gifts because of the universal belief that flowers have the ability to lift the spirits of the bereaved. Receiving sympathy flowers helps to reaffirm the love, caring, and condolences of those in a time of need. 

Sympathy flowers are used to convey emotions and feelings that in times of grief are often hard to express. 

2. When is the Best Time to Send Sympathy Flowers?

There are no rules for when to send condolence flowers. Sending them at the time of the funeral, that evening or on the day of the death is a good option. If you’re going to a funeral and haven’t been invited to the visitation, you can still send flowers as condolence.

If you're sending flowers to a house of mourning, bear in mind that you are sending your message of sympathy to the family, not to the deceased. It’s usually best to send flowers the day before the visitation or the day of the funeral to ensure they will be fresh.

3. What Kind of Flowers Should You Send to Convey Your Sympathy?

You are welcome to choose any kind of flower to express your sympathy, but there are certain flowers that are typically seen as appropriate for condolence arrangements. These flowers include White Stargazer Lilies, white, red, or pink Carnations, Gladioli, and Chrysanthemums. 

4. What Color of the Sympathy Flowers Should You Choose? 

It’s best to choose a colour that represents your feelings about the person who has died and whatever relationship you shared. For example, if you were close to the deceased, you might want to select a favourite colour of theirs.

If you want to send a larger arrangement or are unsure about colours, use the colour of the funeral flowers as a guide, but don’t feel bound to it.

The Bottom Line: Conveying Your Support with Sympathy Flowers

When you send a heartfelt arrangement to share your condolences, you are showing that you care in an important time of loss. Your gesture will let them know you are thinking of them and that you are there for them.

Even if you can’t attend the funeral, sending sympathy flowers helps to express your care and compassion. When it is difficult to find the words to offer comfort, sending a flower arrangement can be an extremely meaningful way to help family and friends cope with their loss.

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