How to Properly Store Your Roses before Giving Them Away

by Robert Canning on August 19, 2022

Everyone knows that giving roses is always a good idea, no matter how much you love them. After all, a hand-made bouquet will make people happier and fill a room with a beautiful range of colours. 

But you also need to ensure they are safe and stored correctly. You probably have many questions because who knows the right way to keep roses? 

We've got some recommendations on how to store, move, and keep your bouquet of roses fresh to answer some of the many questions people have about keeping flowers in good shape. 

How to Keep Roses Fresh While In Transit? 

"A flower blooms for its joy," Oscar Wilde once said. But nothing lasts forever, not even the toughest of flowers.

How long do flowers last in a cold car, for example? Or how to store roses so they don't die before you can give your sweetheart a beautiful bouquet?

You've thought of everything, placed your order, and picked up the beautiful flowers. The hardest part's figuring out how to store the bouquet in your car and ensure it stays safe during the long trip to its recipient. 

Make sure you have a bucket with a small amount of tap water (about two inches) ready ahead of time, so you don't flood your car. Lift the wrapping around and on top of the bouquet stems and place the flowers in the bucket to stand up straight. If you don't have a bucket of water, a wet towel wrapped around the end of the stems can work just as well. 

In this case, you should carefully put your bouquet in a cardboard box to keep it safe. This will keep it standing up and stable instead of flying around the car every time you turn. 

Keep in mind that this will not be a long-term solution. It will only work for about three hours, but that should be enough time to find a better water source.

Even though it may seem the most logical place, you shouldn't put your flowers in the trunk or on the dashboard of your car. Your flowers can stay alive in a warm or cold car, as long as they aren't in the direct sun or temperatures too cold. 

How to Keep Roses Fresh (Along with Other Kinds of Flowers, Too)

Most flowers do well in the cold, and keeping them in the cold can make them live longer. This is why: Cool temperatures help roses get the nutrients they need and keep them looking fresh and bright. 

Even though this is true, keep in mind that very low temperatures can hurt the flowers by making them wilt faster and lose their smell and colour. The best temperatures are between 34°F and 37°F but make sure they don't drop below 32°F, or they will get frostbite. 

You can keep the vase and roses in the fridge overnight, but keep any fruits or vegetables away and remember to take them out first thing in the morning. 

Change the water in the vase to keep bacteria from growing, and mist the petals since all flowers take water through them. Also, remove any buds starting to die and pull off dead leaves so they don't fall into the water and help bacteria grow.


There are various things to consider when storing roses before giving them away. The rose type, size, and climate all play a role in how long the rose will last. With the proper care, roses can last for weeks or even months.

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