Do You Know the Proper Way to Arrange Sunflowers

by Robert Canning on July 09, 2021

Sunflowers can uplift a room even in the darkest seasons–that’s just their quality. Their yellow petals are a guaranteed mood changer and, for most people, even signifies happiness. Many people, too, list sunflowers as their favorite flowers, and they’ve even replaced roses as the bridal bouquet in some weddings!

These and more are a testament to the charm of sunflowers. Having a rough day? A bouquet of sunflowers can instantly brighten your mood. With that said, here are things to consider when arranging your sunflowers at home.

Facts About Sunflowers

These yellow beauties are not only gorgeous to look at but hold many interesting facts! Here are some of them:

1. Sunflowers soak up sun rays. These flowers keep their blooms pointed at the sun, especially the young ones, to grow.

2. Heliotropism is the phenomenon of sunflowers facing the sun throughout the day. Although only young sunflowers actually do that, mature sunflowers settle by facing east.

3. Some sunflower varieties can grow over 30 feet!

4. Each sunflower bloom contains hundreds of individual flowers. The middle of the bloom is filled with tiny flowers called disc flowers, and the petals we know are the ray flowers.

5. There are 70 species of sunflowers and over a hundred varieties.

6. Not only are sunflowers yellow, but some varieties are red, maroon, or pink. You may also find blooms with shaggy petals! They look a lot like a fringe.

7. The two primary sunflower types are single-stem and branching. Single stems only produce one bloom in their lifetime, while branching stems can have two to three blooms. Still, farmers choose to grow single stems for easy harvesting. 

How to Care for Sunflowers

When you receive your sunflowers, you might notice that their stems feel fuzzy. That is normal, but if the fuzz irritates your skin, you can wear gloves when arranging them. 

You’ll also notice that your sunflowers may not be in full bloom, but there’s no cause for concern. When your sunflowers are in buds, that means they’ll last longer. Plus, there’s the added charm of witnessing them bloom!

Water is vital for sunflowers. They need to be watered daily since it is crucial in keeping them alive. When your sunflowers get delivered, you should immediately give them water because they’re probably thirsty from the ride. 

You can just set your sunflowers in a water-filled cup or vase at room temperature. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep watch on your vase’s water level and change it every day to prevent bacteria buildup. 

How to Arrange Your Sunflowers

When placed in bouquets, sunflowers contrast colors and shapes due to their natural growth pattern, size, and bright yellow color. When mixed with roses in a bouquet, both flowers are in the center and equally sharing the attention. 

Now, to arrange your sunflowers, first, you need to give every stem a fresh trim. Use a sharp pair of shears and trim at a 45º angle. Also, it’s better to put sunflowers at the end of the bouquet due to their large size. These blooms may end up eclipsing other flowers when placed in the middle, and you would want to create a balance. 

Spread your sunflowers throughout the bouquet. You don’t need to find the correct placement for each one; just plop it into your vase then adjust the stem height after. Trimming some stems helps create an excellent base for your sunflowers to look bright and voluminous. 


Sunflowers have a very intricate and bright design that makes them perfect for every flower arrangement. Its appeal allows it to stand out alone and, at the same time, complement unique flower bouquets. Arranging your sunflowers the correct way helps accentuate their beauty.

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